Solinas leads as IPT Nova Gorica final table set

IPT_thn.jpgThe PokerStars Italian Poker Tour never fails to deliver, bringing big fields and plenty of excitement. The Nova Gorica event, which reaches a climax later today, proves the point once more. Leading the final eight is Carla Solinas, one of the emerging talents of Italian poker. When I say leading the field, make that crushing the field: with eight left, she has more than twice as many chips as second-placed Dubravko Bagic.

This €2,000 buy-in event attracted 286 players, generating a €554,840 prize pool, of which €140,000 will go to the winner. When the finalists reconvene at 1pm local time today, Solinas will look to make quick work of making that money hers.


Carla Solinas

Should you feel a little miffed you can't be in Nova Gorica to see it, fear not: the final is being screened live at - and although there's sure to be a lot of Italian spoken, you'll still be able to follow the action. Having said that, there is something endearing about listening to Italian, even if you have no idea what they are saying.

If you happen to be able to read Italian, then be sure to enjoy the final table coverage on our sister Italian PokerStars Blog.

Here's how the final eight will sit down:
1. Carla Solinas, 1,933,000
2. Dubravko Bagic, 931,000
3. Carlo Andreoli, 925,000
4. Yordan Mitrentsov, 890,000
5. Brando Naspetti, 780,000
6. Anton Karasinsky, 718,000
7. Iacopo Brandi, 565,000
8. Alessandro Minasi, 475,000

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Italian Poker Tour