Alessio Isaia bests Sanremo field

Italian Alessio Isaia has kept the IPT title in Italy after besting a field of 234 players in Sanremo. Isaia took home a €43,000 first prize after a heads-up deal with Romania's Dan Murariu who took second place for €35,000.


Alessio Isaia

The final action saw Isaia go all-in with A♦9♥. Murariu called with A♠3♣. The board offered Murariu no help.

This is the second time Alessio Isaia has won an Italian Poker Tour. He won his first in Sanremo in 2009. Alessio is one of the most popular and successful Italian players, having won a total of almost $2.5 million in his poker career.

This is the second time Dan Murariu plays heads up at the IPT as well; the first time he lost to PokerStars Team Pro Luca Pagano in 2011.

This was the final payout:

1. Alessio Isaia €43,000 (deal)
2. Dan Murariu €35,000 (deal)
3. Sylvain Mazza €20,000
4. Lege Saied €15,500
5. Tommaso Pasquini €12,000
6. Roland Yannick Azzopardi €9,000
7. Alessio Traverso €6,000
8. Francesco Berte €5,000

The seventh and last stop of the Mini IPT Season 6 registered a total of 252 entries for a €73,332 combined prize pool. Italian player Nicola Cappellesso took home the €14,000 first prize and trophy after a long and challenging heads up against fellow Italian player Riccardo Mazzitelli who took home €12,000.

Lege Saied, from Tunisia, is the winner of the "Last Man standing" promotion by Neteller. He takes home a €1.000 cheque.

The IPT's next stop will be the first stop of Season 7; it will feature a €1,100 buy-in and a freeze-out format. The "Mini IPT" will again be incorporated in to the main festival schedule rather than taking place beforehand with a €300 + €30 Single Re-entry format with three start days.

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