Walter Treccarichi wins IPT Saint Vincent and €87,500

Walter Treccarichi has won IPT Saint Vincent and €87,500 beating Marcello Miniucchi heads-up fot the title. Miniucchi collected a healthy €72,500 following a deal made when just those two players remained. EPT regular Dario Sammartino came close, finishing third for €35,000.

Treccarichi topped a field of 635 entries which created a total prize pool of €388,049.


IPT6 Saint Vincent final table
1. Walter Treccarichi, €87,500
2. Marcello Miniucchi, €72,500
3. Dario Sammartino, €35,000
4. Gianluca Speranza, €25,000
5. Andrea Dato, €20,000
6. Leonardo Parmiggiani, €15,000
7. Claudio Daffinà, €11,000
8. Federico Piroddi, €8,000
9. Marko Mikovic, €6,850

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