LAPT Nuevo Vallarta: Chew on this

Dinner time is upon us, yet another opportunity to take advantage of the all-inclusive package here at the Marival Resort. As the players head off to find some grub, here's one to think about.

We happened by Tyler Netter's table and couldn't help but notice he had pocket jacks. He came in for a standard raise and got a call from the big blind. The flop came down Qc-Qh-9s. The players went check-check and saw the Qs on the turn. Now, the big blind led into Netter for about half the pot. Netter seemed conflicted, but finally tossed out his call. The river...

The queen of diamonds.

Netter must have immediately known how sick of a river it was. He seemed almost ready to muck his hand before his opponent acted. And then something funny happened.

The big blind checked.

LAPT Mex_Day1_IJG_2682.jpg

Netter pondered this unexpected turn of events for a moment before nearly laughing and turning up his pocket jacks. And then something funny happened again.

The big blind turned over A-9 for the stone-cold, rock and roll, slap-your-mama-it-feels so-good nuts. Netter simultaneously skipped over an opportunity to make a horrible bluff and took a big detour around the Big Blind's Value Town.

With that, we head to dinner. For our most recent chip count, visit the LAPT Nuevo Vallarta Chip Count page. The most notable move just before dinner has been Team PokerStars Victor Ramdin who has moved up to the chip lead. More to come after some food. Players return at 8:30 CT.

LAPT Mex_Day1_IJ2_4105.jpg

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour