LAPT Nuevo Vallarta: Good natured bad blood

J.C. Alvarado was down below 8,000 in chips and knew the blinds would be going up to 500/1,000/100 in level 9. And so it was an open shove that folded all the way to former PokerStars Brazilian blogger Maria "maridu" Mayrinck.

She was tortured as she peeled up Ah-Th. In what was clearly not an easy decision, she got her friend Alvarado talking.

"You don't have ace-king," she said. "You don't."

"I'm 80% to win by the river," Alvarado said.

Mayrinck didn't believe him. At all. Finally, after nearly five minutes of verbose contemplation, she made her decision.

"I think I'm ahead," she said, waited two beats, and declared, "I call."

Alvarado turned over 7c-8c.

"If I win, I'm sorry. You're so pretty," Mayrinck exclaimed. "Isn't he pretty?"

Alvarado's relative good looks aside, the flop made the hand interesting--5-6-K with two hearts. Mayrinck jumped from her seat and grabbed her buddy. "Let's not look together," she said pulling him in close.

"No, I want to sweat this one," Alvarado said.

LAPT Mex_Day1_IJG_2750.jpg

He shouldn't have looked. The turn gave him a pair, but gave Mayrinck the heart she needed to make the nuts.

Up to 22,000, Mayrinck looked around for Jon "Apestyles" Van Fleet. "I need to go tell my boyfriend what happened."

A bit later, from across the room, her impossible to mistake voice came rising above the din.

"God bless the LAPT!" she called and stacked her chips.

Alvarado may be gone, but it's not entirely out of the money. Mayrinck promised him 4% of her winnings.

"And I'm going to win," she said.

In other news, Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes has found the rail. After getting seated with his frenemy Ryan Fee (LAPT San Jose champion), we expected some bad blood to creep up. Once, when Brenes came in for a raise, Fee looked at some rags and said, "If you had like ten [thousand] more, I am so in."

Fee would not get the pleasure of booting his opponent. Brenes got his short stack in pre-flop with A-4. He got called by the big blind who held K-T. It all looked fine when an ace fell on the flop, but running Q-J gave Brenes a Broadway beat.

Finally...we're on an indefinite break here. As for exactly why we're on a break, well that's something we'll have to explain after we have a better sense for it.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour