LAPT Nuevo Vallarta: Humberto and the bull

Even in the face of tough tournament poker, some stories just must be told. Furthermore, some pictures must be seen. So, as the LAPT event in here in Nuevo Vallarta makes its way through level 2, we must pause for just a moment.


Well, if you read last night's party wrap-up, you might recall us mentioning Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes had a run in with a bull. Or, as we put it last night...

As the oft-repeated story goes, Brenes set about some bull fighting yesterday. Instead of waving the red cape to his side, he waved it in front of a region best covered by a comfortable pair of boxer shorts. You can fill in the blanks, but apparently it wasn't pretty.

The beauty of such a story is the ability to back it up with proof. So, we now give you...proof.


Okay, so now you're thinking a couple of things. First, somebody really should've given the Costa Rican Team PokerStars Pro a little bit more instruction on where to hold the cape. That seems pretty obvious; That said you are probably also thinking, "Man, that's not a very big animal. Humberto can take him!"

In that case, you would be wrong. Very and sadly wrong.

Humberto, as you might know, is a big man, but if you give a big animal a head of steam and an inherent dislike of sharks, it can do some damage. How much? You be the judge.


The good news here is that Humberto survived the stomping with both his pride and flesh largely intact. While there was some blood and the brief hint of multi-million dollar lawsuit, Brenes is at the table today and looks as good as ever.

Here's a look at the bullfighting day from the folks at

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One person who could not survive until the third level is Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes. His day started off badly when he forgot to bring his passport to register. Then, once he figured out that mess, he lost most of his stack. Finally, down to 2,200 from his original 10,000, he found As-Kc in the big blind. When the button raised to 500, Gomes put it all in the middle. He was in good shape against Ah-Qd. That is, he was in good shape until the board came out Q-T-6-4-2.

Assistant Tournament Director Greg Pappas, always the first to comfort an eliminated player, yelled across the room, "Bring your ID next time! You'll last longer!"

A bit more sympathetic was Gomes' table mate Tyler Netter. Netter, who started drinking Sol beer in level 1, gave Gomes a glass of brew and sent him out with a smile.

As the end of level 2 came, Tournament Director Mike Ward announced this event officially had 242 registrants. The top 27 will get paid. First place will earn $158,000. We'll have a full breakdown of prizes in just a bit.

Thanks to our good friends at Bluff Latin America for the photos.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour