LAPT Nuevo Vallarta: Stephen Chidwick, Baby-Faced Assassin

"Stephen Chidwick raises to 400... everyone folds... Stevie wins the pot."

That's what the commentary might sound like, were someone calling the action over at Table 3, where Stephen "stevie444" Chidwick is currently playing the role of table captain, vacuuming up his opponents' chips at an alarming rate. Judging by his growing tower of yellow 1,000 chips and the empty chair in Seat 3, Chidwick has already claimed one scalp today and is wasting no time in growing his stack even further.

LAPT Mex_Day1_IJG_2571.jpg

Stephen "stevie444" Chidwick

Chidwick is somewhat of a legend among PokerStars players. This year, the online phenom won over 100 seats to the WSOP Main Event, primarily via the Steps tournaments. As he is three years away from being of age to play in the U.S., Chidwick turned them all in for cash. For those of you who aren't quick at math, that's over a million dollars in earnings. Not bad for a kid barely out of high school.

Since turning 18, Chidwick has started following the live tournament circuit, and is already building a solid record, placing 15th at the EPT Barcelona in September and winning a $1,000 side event at the 2008 PokerStars Carribean Adventure last January. Having recently made the move to the U.S., Chidwick is currently rooming with poker couple Jon Van Fleet and Maridu Mayrinck in Austin.

"Stephen Chidwick raises to 400... everyone folds. Stevie wins the pot."

That time, he turned over 3-9 offsuit with a small smile as he raked in even more chips. Opponents, beware.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Latin American Poker Tour