LAPT San Jose: Bing feels the burn

Magnus Bing's boisterous voice once again rose above the low murmur of the tournament floor upon calling the all-in bet of David Plastik on an eight-high flop. "Kings, baby, kings!" Bing shouted as he opened up two cowboys. Plastik was in rough shape with pocket tens. "Yeeeeeeesssss! Show me your tens."

Plastik made a disgusted face, but it was unclear whether he was disgusted that he was close to elimination or disgusted with Bing's antics. Either way, Plastik was out of his chair and headed away from the table after the dealer peeled a six on the turn. He practically had to be called back to the table when the river came a perfect ten.


It all looked good for Magnus Bing until the river.

Plastik slammed an open palm down onto the felt, pumped by his miraculous victory. The fact that it came at the expense of a stunned Bing only made it sweeter. "Gotta get lucky," Plastik told the table as he stacked his chips. "You know that. Nobody's ever won a poker tournament without getting lucky a few times."

Bing snorted and declared that it was funny to see Plastik with chips. "You're the professional. You'll get them from me later," replied Plastik, his words dripping with sarcasm. Bing wasn't impressed. "Think you can tilt me?" he asked.

Maybe Plastik can, maybe he can't. But Bing must have felt at least a little bit of sting when a player one table away shouted, "I don't hear anything over there. Who won the hand?"

While all that was going on, William Valladeres was quietly amassing a mountain of chips. He currently sits behind 73,000 chips, making him the far and away chip leader of the tournament as we approach the dinner break in under ten minutes.


William Valladeres

When we come back from dinner, Level 7 will commence with limits of 300/600/50.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in Latin American Poker Tour