LAPT San Jose: Level 11 updates

Updates for the LAPT San Jose Event Level 11 will be posted here. Hit refresh to see the latest content. Blinds are 800/1,600/150. For chip counts at the start of the the level, see the LAPT Chip Counts page.


12:55pm--Rosenkrantz eliminated in stunning fashion

All it takes in no-limit hold'em is one hand -- the cards break the wrong way and a player can go from the proverbial penthouse to the proverbial outhouse. That's Abraham Rosenkrantz's story today. He woke up with the red kings in the small blind and was delighted to see the button, Brent Sheirbon, raise to 4,000. Rosenkrantz smooth-called, only to see Joel Micka reraise to 12,000 from the big blind. Sheirbon quickly made it 44,000 to go.

"I think you're in trouble," Rosenkrantz announced. "I'm all in." Micka obligingly folded, but Hirleman snap-called with the red aces! The board ran out jack-high.

"What can you do?" Sheirbon asked Rosenkrantz with a smile.

"If I would have seen your cards, I would have folded!" Rosenkrantz replied, drawing laughs from the table. Because of the number of chips involved, it took some time to count down the stacks, but when the process was completed Sheirbon had Rosenkrantz covered by about 10,000 chips. Rosenkrantz is out, and Sheirbon is the new chip leader with more than 220,000 chips.


Rosenkrantz feels the king of pain

12:44pm--An abundance of aces

It seems that every time we walk by Maria Stern's table, she has pocket aces. Maybe that means we're not walking by her table often enough, but she definitely has seen her share of good cards throughout this tournament. She bet 20,000 on a non-threatening board of 7h-9d-4h against Michael Collins. Collins quickly announced he was all in, and just as quickly Stern called. Stern tabled the black aces; Collins tabled two red aces, much to the amusement of the table. When the turn and river ran out Kd-10c, it was a chopped pot.


Stern and Collins laughing about their aces.

"When you called that fast, I thought you had a set of sevens," Collins told Stern.

"I had to go with it. I can't fold there," Stern replied.

Collins nodded in understanding. "Neither can I."

12:40pm--Jesus unkind to Ioli

Short-stacked Jesus Bertoli pushed all-in from the button and got aninsta-call from Mark Iloi in the small blind. Bertoli held 6h-6s, far behind Ioli'sJh-Jd...until the flop 6-8-A. Ioli never caught up and he finished just short of the money.

12:37pm--Badin Bounahar eliminated

It looked like a halfway decent spot for a chop, but Badin Bounahar couldn't make it happen. He just got A-2 in against Earl Burkland's A-8. The board ran out with enough babies and no deuce and Bounahar was eliminated.,

12:34pm--Kevin MacPhee wishes Andrew Chen hadn't shown up

So, Andrew Chen finally showed up, just time to get his stack in with AQ vs Kevin McPhee's AK. You guessed it. A queen fell and MacPhee is gone.

12:31pm--Stern hates his chances, but survives

Maurice Millares Molina came in for a raise to 4,000 and Max Stern pushed all in for around 20,000 total. Abraham Rosenkrantz then isolated with a raise big enough to push Molina out. It was A-K off for Stern and Ac-Kc for Rosenkrantz. The flop? Well, it's funny how these things work. Jc-5h-Tc. "Roja!," Stern pleaded. He got his wish. No clubs came and they chopped up the pot.


Max Stern, background, with his wife Maria in the foreground

12:30pm--Chenoweth has kicker problems

Ace-jack nevers carries its weight the way poker players expect and hope it will. Chase Chenoweth found himself in a heads-up pot from the small blind holding ace-jack against pre-flop raiser Mark Hirleman. Chenoweth paired his ace with a flop of 4d-Ac-5h but checked the action to Hirleman, who bet 4,000. When the turn fell 9s, Chenoweth checked to Hirleman again, who moved all in for 14,000. Chenoweth surely felt that he was in a sticky situation, as he agonized over his decision for a full minute. He opted to call but found himself drawing very thin against Hirleman's ace-king. Neither player improved with the river Ts, but Hirleman didn't need to.

After the chips were counted down, Chenoweth was left with just 850. He waited two hands, staring dejectedly into space, before putting those chips in with ace-king. Action folded to the big blind -- Hirleman -- who held Jc-Tc. A jack on the flop sent Chenoweth to the rail. "Brutal," he sighed as he stood up. "Good luck."

12:25pm--Jose Contreras eliminated

It was a raise to 4,000 from Jesse Macleod that moved Jose Contreras to push in his remaining short stack (around 25,000) into the midddle. Macleod made the easy call with pocket queens and saw Contreas' Ac-Th. The flop, a solid Q-3-3 made Macleod smile and sent Contreras to the rail. 37 players remain.

12:20pm--Paging Andrew Chen

Andre Chen. Paging Mr. Chen. You have a little more than 30,000 chips sitting in seat 5 at Table 1. The tournament has resumed without you. Seriously, get thee to the ballroom. (In all fairness, three people were not here for the start of play. Andrew Chen is the only one who is still missing. If you know him, you might want to give him a call.

12:06pm--Shuffle up and deal

The button is starting in the three-seat at each table. Cards are now in the air. Tournament Director Mike Ward gave a few programming notes before play began. There will be a redraw once we're down to three tables (when we'll reach the money), then another at two tables and one more at the final table. The final table will start nine-handed today. Upon the elimination of one player from the table, we'll be done for the day. Expect that to happen at some point during Level 16.

11:57am--Play about to begin

Players are taking their seats and unbagging their chips. Play will begin at the 800/1,600,150 level in just a couple of minutes.


11:38am--Day 2 action to begin shortly

Day 2 action of the LAPT San Jose Season 2 event will begin at noon local time. Thirty-eight players will start the day, all looking to make it tomorrow's final table of eight. Join us at noon for all the action.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour