LAPT San Jose: Level 14 updates

Updates for the LAPT San Jose Event Level 14 will be posted here. Hit refresh to see the latest content. Blinds are 1,500/3,000/300. For chip counts, see the LAPT Chip Counts page. For updates from Level 13, click HERE.


5:08pm--Break time

Players are on their second ten-minute break of the day. Level 15 will begin after the break.

5:00pm--Michael Collins runs into aces

As his stack dwindled, Michael Collins undoubtedly started looking for a good hand with which to move all in. He probably thought he found it when he looked down at two treys, perfectly willing to take a race at this point of the tournament given the size of the blinds. What he wasn't counting on was running into Shawn Patrick Ryan's aces. Ryan snap-called the raise and had the winning hand on a board of 10h-4d-8h-Qd-9h.


Michael Collins

4:53pm--Andrew Chen has good ladies, Gill eliminated

So, it just happened that Andrew Chen got all-in with pocket queens. He was up against aces and kings. Fortunately for him, Carter Gill held one of the aces and one of the kings. Joel Micka held the other ace and king. Up against two of the same hands, Chen's ladies held up and he now has more than 250,000. Though it surprised everybody, Chen had Gill covered and Gill went out in 14th place.


4:45pm--Abboud sent packing by Micka

With only two tables remaining in action, play has predictably slowed and tightened. That may mean there are more opportunities for bluffs, but they only have a chance of success if no opponents wake up with monsters.

Tark Abboud got frisky with Joel Micka and didn't survive to see the next hand. Abboud raised preflop from late position to 6,700. Micka called from the small blind, as did Michael Collins from the big blind. Abboud may have thought that an Ac-6c-3d flop was good for him; when Micka and Collins both checked, Abboud bet 11,500 to represent the ace. Micka check-raised to 23,000, folding Collins. Abboud decided to shove all in, which brought a snap call from Micka with 3c-3s for a set of threes. Abboud had total air -- Jc-10d -- and when the turn came 9h he was drawing dead.


Tark Abboud

4:25pm--Michael DeGilio eliminated

Sometimes when you're a short stack in a multi-table tournament, all you can do is get your stack in and hope for the best. Michael DeGilio got his stack into the middle with Ad-Kh after Andrew Alan Chen tried to steal from the small blind with 8d-3d. Chen's "two live cards" (the mantra of poker players everywhere who find themselves behind in a hand) turned out to be the winners on a board of Jd-7d-4s-4h-3c. It probably stung just a little bit more that Chen caught what could be characterized as the dirtiest out in the deck. Regardless, it made Chen the winner and eliminated DeGilio in 16th place.

4:15pm--New chip counts

We've updated the LAPT Chip Counts page with a fresh look from the top of Level 14.

4:08pm--Level 14 begins

We are now playing at the 1,500/3,000/300 level.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour