LAPT San Jose: Level 15 Updates

Updates for the LAPT San Jose Event Level 15 will be posted here. Hit refresh to see the latest content. Blinds are 2,000/4,000/300. For chip counts, see the LAPT Chip Counts page. For updates from Level 14, click HERE.


7:20pm--A word with Ryan Fee

While we're waiting for players to come back from dinner, here's a word with Ryan Fee.

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6:20pm--Dinner break

With ten players remaining in the fight for the eight final table spots, the tournament has taken a break for dinner. Play will resume at 7:30pm.

6:00pm--Alan Milesky eliminated

Alan Milesky played his short-stack with the tenacity of a barnacle. At times he was reduced to 2.5 big blinds. He managed to double up once and survive into the bigger money. Finally, he got his remaining chips in with 4-4 on a 5d-6c-5c flop. Unlucky for him, Jesus Bertoli held pocket eights. Milesky couldn't catch a miracle and exited in 11th place for $14,655.

Alan Milesky


5:50pm--Claus Rasmussen runs good

So, how does it happen that Claus Rasmussen tries a blind steal with T-8 and catches a T-8-3 flop? Okay, it happens. But when the big-stacked big blind calls and flops top pair king kicker, it seems a little sick. When it happened two minutes ago, Claus got all his money in and got a call from Joel Micka. Micka didn't catch and Rasmussen doubled up. That's running pretty good.


Rasmussen gets a congratulatory kiss

5:35pm--Fresh chips added

You can now find fresh chip counts at the LAPT Chip Counts page.

5:22pm--Shawn Patrick Ryan eliminated

Bad-timing for Shawn Patrick Ryan, who raised from the button with A-3. Ryan Fee re-raised from the big blind and Ryan announced he was all-in. Fee snap-called with A-K. Ryan never caught up and is out in 12th place.


Shawn Patrick Ryan

5:15pm--Break time

Players are on a short break between levels. Twelve players remain. Once play gets nine-handed, the players will sit nine-handed and play to a final table of eight.

Brad Willis
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