LAPT San Jose: Level 18 updates (continued)

Updates for the LAPT San Jose Event Level 18 will be posted here. Hit refresh to see the latest content. Blinds are 4,000/8,000/500. For chip counts, see the LAPT Chip Counts page. For updates from Level 17, click HERE.


1:03pm--My kingdom for a flop

Action is still hard to come by at the final table so far. If the chips haven't been in pre-flop, then flops have been almost non-existent. There have been two flops; one that was checked all the way to showdown between Joel Micka and Jesus Bertoli, and a second between Brent Sheirbon and Claus Rasmussen that was one by Sheirbon with a bet on the flop. We played the last forty two minutes of Level 18 with three total flops. It would seem that nobody is in a hurry to be the first one out.

12:52pm--Tankers always fold

It's a poorly kept secret here that Dane Claus Rasmussen does not make hasty decisions. When he's raising, calling, and folding, the time it takes him to consider his move nearly gives us time to run to the bathroom and back. If we needed any further evidence, we just got it. Brent Sheirbon came in for a raise from the button and Rasmussen re-popped it from the big blind, making it an additional 65,000. Sheirbon wasted little time before announcing all in. Then came Rasmussen's time in the tank. It wasn't as long as we've seen in the past, but a tried and true axiom from this event held firm. Tankers always fold. A few minutes later, Rasmussen's cards were in the much and Sheirbon picked up some much-needed chips.


Tournament Director Mike Ward has been calling all of the action at the final table so far (for which the media would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for making our jobs a thousand times easier). He's just been spelled by Humberto "The Shark" Brenes, who is calling all of the action in Spanish for the non-English speakers in the gallery and in media row. My high school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Riley, would be pleased to know that I remember enough Spanish to be able to follow along. Mostly.

12:35pm--Petronack doubles on the river

Short-stacked with a little more than 100,000, Jeff Petronack faced a raise to 18,500 from Ryan Fee.

"Okay, let's do it," he said, and moved his chips in the middle. Fee's call came quickly. Petronack held Ah-Kh to Fee's pocket queens. Petronack stared disaster in the face as the board came 5-7-5-3. And then, the ace of spade on the river. Why? Well, because as was noted here on media row, it's always the ace of spades on the river.


Jeff Petronack reacting to the flop.

Patronack now sits with more than 200,000 and a much more playable stack than that with which he started.

12:30pm--Cautious play to start the day

We're five hands into the final table and yet to see a flop. The players don't look nervous but they do appear to be feeling each other out and trying to establish their sea legs. Three hands were won by a single raise; Joel Micka won a fourth hand with a reraise from the small blind. That was after he got a walk in the big blind, something that was unheard of yesterday. Tournament Director Mike Ward, perhaps seeking to encourage some action, joked, "I just want to remind you all that this game is played with community cards."

12:25pm--Mocking for a Fee

It's no secret here Ryan Fee is the most talkative player at the table. If he stops talking, it's clear there is a problem. In fact, if he stops talking, someone should call the paramedics, because he is likely unconscious or dead. As final table play began, Fee broke into his trademark table chatter. After a pre-flop pick-up of the blinds and antes, Fee joked, "I"m going to take all your money." Without missing a beat, Maria Stern, 47 years Fee's senior, repeated the phrase with as much dripping sarcasm as she could muster. We would pay to see the two players heads-up. The good thing is, we may not have to.

12:22pm--Play begins

With 42 minutes in this level, play is now underway.


12:14pm--Introductions underway

Tournament director Mike Ward is introducing the players. Cards will be in the air in just a couple of minutes. Here's a look at the pre-game news conference.


12:08pm--Final table play about to begin

Players are unbagging their chips and getting ready to play. We'll resume in Level 18 at the 4,000/8,000/500 level. For a look at what they are playing for, visit the LAPT San Jose Prizes page. To see a full look at the final table players, see the LAPT San Jose final table players profile page.

Brad Willis
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