LAPT San Jose: Level 19 updates

Updates for the LAPT San Jose Event Level 19 will be posted here. Hit refresh to see the latest content. Blinds are 5,000/10,000/1,000. For chip counts, see the LAPT Chip Counts page. For updates from Level 17, click HERE.


2:04pm--Maria Stern eliminated in 8th place ($24,425)

Maria Stern put on a clinic for the last two days on how to make a short stack last. It could only last so long.

Moving all-in pre-flop for her final 116,000, she ran right into Jeff Petronack's pocket queens. The board ran out 4h-5-c-3d-Td-6c and Stern, who cashed here last year as well, finished in 8th place for $24,425


1:52pm--Hammer time

One player, at least, has decided to mix up his play. Brent Sheirbon opened the pot with a raise to 25,000. Action folded to Jesus Bertoli in late position, who reraised to 57,000. Sheirbon eyed Bertoli's stack before announcing he was all in for a total of 245,000. We could see Jesus talking to himself as he counted out his cihps and realized that Sheirbon had him covered. At the other end of the table, Sheirbon sat with his hands in front of his mouth, looking anywhere but directly at Bertoli. He let out a huge sigh of relief when Bertoli folded. Why was Bertoli's fold such a big deal? Sheirbon turned over 7d-2d, to the shock and mirth of all assembled. Sheirbon let loose a cheshire grin as he collected the pot.

1:40pm--Another day in the life

When we heard Ryan Fee remark on Day 1, "Just another day in the life," we thought it a good way to describe his tough but relaxed style of play. We didn't realize it would become his catch phrase.

Just now, in a battle of the blinds, Brent Sheirbon raised to 30,000 and Fee called from the big blind. The flop came down 2d-6c-9h. Brent checked, Ryan bet 25,000, and Brent called. The turn came the 5s and both players checked. On the river, the 8h, Sheirbon woke up and led for 60,000. Fee raised an additional 100,000 and Sheirbon eventually foldded.

"Just another day in the life," Fee said, revealing pocket fours.


1:33pm--Jeff Petronack goes runner-runner

Twelve minutes in, we had our first flop of Level 19. It was between two of the Americans, Joel Micka in the small blind and Jeff Petronack in the big blind. After both checked the Qh-5d-Js flop, Petronack wound up going runner-runner with 9c-7s for trip nines on the 9d turn and 9h river. He collected a pot worth 148,000 chips. Micka wasn't pleased to see Petronack's hand, but did offer him a sincere, "Good hand." Maybe Micka has been swept up in the new spirit of unity and optimism that's been embraced by Americans the world over in light of Barack Obama's election victory last night.

1:30pm--Updated chip counts

We've updated the LAPT Chip Counts page with the latest count at the start of level 19.

1:20pm--New level, new action?

Players are back from break to play level 19. THey are running with 5,000/10,000/1,000 blinds. We'll see if that jump-starts the action

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour