LAPT San Jose: Overheard at the tables

I mentioned earlier today that this tournament field is one of the most talkative I've come across in my (admittedly brief) career as a member of the poker media. Carter Gill is always a chatterbox, and it's usually infectious. He and LAPT San Jose Season 1 champion Valdemar Kwaysser have been seated next to each other for the better part of four hours now. Kwaysser seemed fairly silent at his first table, but time spent next to Gill has loosened his tongue. The two have been swapping poker war stories for the last hour. caught up with a few other players who had poker stories of their own.

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Gill is not the only one talking. It seems that multiple conversations are going on at each of the remaining nine tables. The table talk reveals quite a bit about where players set their priorities. For some, poker is the only focus right now. For others, the topics are all over the map. Consider this random sample collected within the last twenty minutes of play:

Politics: "Why does she have to spend $75,000 on clothes?"
"Because she's a woman? I don't know."

Playing a short stack: "I'm just trying to survive."

Alcohol: "Can we drink in here? How about we have one beer after Level 9. And then we do shots."

Better poker through racial profiling: "Those Euros, man. I know how they play." (If this player needs any tips on how Mexicans play, he should consult Humberto Brenes.)

A poker lament: "No hands. They steal my blinds. What can you do? I'll get 'em one of these days."

Alcohol: "Is that a yes we can drink in here? Can we order in here?"

Travel: "He said Macau was the best. That's probably where I'm going next."

Given the casual nature of much of the conversation, you wouldn't think $285,000 is on the line.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in Latin American Poker Tour