LAPT San Jose: Second verse, same as the first?

It's been said that rank has its privilege. Being crowned the champion of LAPT San Jose Season 1 didn't bring any special reward to Valdemar Kwaysser (if you ignore the $280,000 in prize money) but it did bring him a certain notoriety at today's event.

"You going for back-to-back?" Carter Gill asked as Kwaysser sat down at the table. "Run better."


LAPT San Jose Season 1 Champion Valdemar Kwaysser can't hide his identity behind his sunglasses

Kwaysser was up to the challenge. He found himself in a preflop raising war with Ben Stark that ended with Stark calling all in for about 5,000 chips. Stark showed Ah-Ks; Kwaysser held As-Kd. A chop seemed imminent, although a double-spaded flop gave Kwaysser a backdoor flush draw.

"You're drawing dead," Kwaysser told Stark. That wasn't entirely true, but maybe Kwaysser knew something that nobody else did, or maybe he used his rank as a champion to call in a favor with the poker gods. Whatever the case, Stark could only laugh as running spades made Kwaysser the winner of the pot and sent Stark to the rail.

"Run better," repeated Gill jokingly. Kwaysser chose not to mention that he won LAPT San Jose Season 1 with pocket aces on the final hand. He runs just fine.

There's plenty of action at the other tables as well. Kwaysser has a difficult challenge ahead. Meet some of those challengers courtesy of

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