LAPT San Jose: The Fee is 80,000-ish

When players are dropping as fast as they are here today, keeping track of the chip leader is a bit like a near-sighted man keeping track of the queen in a bee hive. Nonetheless, for the moment, we've found our queen. In this case, the queen is a man.

Stick with us. Things are moving fast.

When the player UTG+1 opened to 1,800 and a short-stack flat-called, Ryan Fee knew just what he'd do with his pocket kings.

"I squeezed to 5,400," he said, recounting the hand better than an online hand history. The original raiser put it all-in and Fee happily called

It was AK for Fee's opponent, not good enough on a J-J-7-2-5 board.


Fee stacks his stacks

Ryan Fee comes straight out of the U.S.A. As my co-blogger Dave and I imagine, the new chip leader is proud to be an American, where at least he knows he's Fee. (Sorry about that one.) He sits on a stack that is around the 80,000 mark.

In not-as-happy news, former PokerStars Brazilian Blogger turned sponsored player Maria "maridu" Mayrinck is no longer with us. Her pocket fives couldn't hold against A-K and she is gone.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour