LAPT San Jose: You think he won?

Martin Clemmensen is not from around these parts, so maybe he can't be blamed . Hailing from Denmark, Clemmsensen recently just got involved in substantial pot with young Roberto Brenes.

The Dane obviously didn't use his break to read this post we wrote earlier that indicated it may not be the best idea to bust a Brenes. It also may not be the best idea to do it in this fashion.

Though the pre-flop action happened before we could get close enough to see, it was clear Clemmensen's opponents thought he was getting a bit froggy pre-flop with his KsTs. Regardless, he saw the flop with Natan Wager and Brenes offspring Roberto. It looked like this: Kd-Td-Jh. And so it happened that Clemmensen flopped two pair against Wager's Ad-9d flush draw and Brenes' Qs9s for the flopped straight. In went the money and off went Clemmensen beseeching all that's holy for the king or ten to pair.

It happened on the river, sending Clemmensen into a spiraling, smiling, giddy dance around the ballroom floor. Left behind was Wager, who maintained a quiet but clear disgust for how the pot had transpired. Left even further behind (and, in fact, out of the tournament) was a stunned Roberto Brenes. For the whole of the time Clemmensen bounded about the room, Brenes stood, iPod in hand, looking at the table. Even after the cards were stacked and shuffled, Brenes stood, his lips pursed in disbelief.


Clemmensen celebrates

Clemmensen sat back down and defended his call--too much money in the pot, the outs he had, the chance to, as he did, work his stack up to more than 40,000. What he didn't see as he stacked his chips was the younger Brenes walking over to his father and tell him what happened. It had barely been half an hour since the elder Brenes had joyfully terminated a man who had knocked his son out of a tournament a week before. At this hour, both Humberto Brenes and the blissfully unaware Clemmensen remain in the tournament.

If they should sit together, I hope for a ringside seat.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour