LAPT San Jose: Six sigmas out?

The PokerStars Blog is very happy to have the help of Alexander Villegas helping us here in San Jose with chip counts and coverage. He just came back to blog HQ with a quick story that deserves telling.

by Alexander Villegas

As the rainy season ends in Costa Rica, the sun shines on at least one player here in Costa Rica. With so many bad beats being passed around there has to be someone with good luck, and here in Costa Rica that person is Brian Tate, a 21 year old native of Tempe Arizona.


Brian Tate, far right

Brian's streak of good luck started on the PokerStars $320 qualifier to Costa Rica. “It's actually a funny story” said Brian, with two seats to San Jose the qualifier was down to the final four. When the chip leader pushed all in, Brian looked down at an easy fold with Q 2 offsuit, “But I misclicked!” laughed Brian, and he faced pocket sixes for all his chips. The board bought two pairs above sixes and Brian doubled up with two pair, queen high. With a comfortable chip lead and only four players left Brian breezed into the LAPT.

The cards continue to fall in favor of Brian at the Ramada. Last night, in a matter of minutes, Brian managed to win more than $1,500 at the blackjack table. Brian's luck has yet to run out in San Jose, at the beginning of level 8 he stands second in chips with a cool 60,000. Still bathing in luck, Brian is unaware of what he did to appease the poker gods, but whatever it was, it worked.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour