LAPT Mar del Plata: Becker Faults

lapt-promo.gifEven champions can fault from time to time. Especially when your opponent turns out to be slow-playing a monster hand.

Becker called a 300 chip raise from his opponent and the two saw a flop of 8♣6♦4♥. Facing a bet of 600 on the flop, Becker shuffled his chips for several minutes, perhaps contemplating a raise, but instead decided to smooth-call. Becker's opponent checked the turn when the 3♥ landed and after a moment's consideration, Becker put out a 1,500 bet that earned a snap-call. The river fell the Q♣, the young man in the red soccer jersey checking one more time. Becker tanked for quite a while before rapping the table in response, his opponent proudly flipping over A♠A♦. Becker flashed the A♥ before mucking, his chip stack falling to 5,475, just over half his starting stack.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8439.jpg

Boris Becker, calling "Shuffle Up and Deal!" earlier in the day

Stoic and unfazed, Becker moved on to the next hand, barely raising an eyebrow. Hopefully his next serve will come up an ace.

In other chip count news, Christian de Leon has taken a few early hits, his stack falling to 5,500. Chris Moneymaker has ground his stack up to 12,300 while Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck is holding steady with 13,000.