LAPT Mar del Plata: BrenesWatch, Part 1

lapt-promo.gifIt's that time again, folks where we chronicle the adventures of Costa Rica's royal family of poker. One is a boisterous, camera-loving shark aficionado. Another is a quiet WPT champion. And another yet is already traveling the LAPT at the tender age of eighteen. Behold, the return of BrenesWatch!

Situated at three adjoining tables the Breneses are positioned well to keep an eye on one another for any potential family last-longers. Humberto is already settling into the role of entertainer-in-chief at his table, singing along to his iPod, his throaty baritone and perpetual smile so infectious that some of his opponents have begun singing along with him.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8994.jpg

We approached Alex's table mid-hand, the board reading 5♥7♠3♠Q♣ on the turn. Brenes checked from the big blind, his opponent in the cutoff bet 550, and Brenes came in with a check-raise to 3,000. The cutoff called and off to the river they went... the 7♦. Brenes put out a 2,850 bet, leaving himself 3,000 behind. The cutoff stacked and re-stacked his chips, hemmed and hawed and re-checked his hole cards several times before giving up his hand and conceding the pot.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1B_IJG_9033.jpg

With a sly smile, Brenes slapped the 8♠9♠ on the table for nothing but a busted draw.

"I knew it! I've played with you in so many countries, Alex!" exclaimed Derek Lerner, the man seated on his left and one half of a poker-playing set of twins himself.

"I played it like I had a set," explained Brenes before turning around to tell his brother about his bluff.

With that pot, Alex currently leads the family with 12,250 in chips. Roberto has chopped out a few small pots to take him up to 11,300 while Humberto is just above his starting stack with 10,400.