LAPT Mar del Plata: BrenesWatch, Part 2

lapt-promo.gifRoberto Brenes is the smallest, youngest, and by far the quietest member of the Brenes clan. Though he picked up the family last-longer honors in his last LAPT appearance in Vina del Mar, Chile, he unfortunately will not be able to claim that title again here at the LAPT Grand Final in Mar del Plata.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1B_IJG_9111.jpg

Roberto Brenes

Brenes opened from under-the-gun with a raise to 600 and got three callers including both blinds. The quartet saw a flop of A♣9♣8♣. The small blind led out for 3,000, chasing away the big blind, but Brenes wasn't going anywhere, moving all in for his remaining 7,000 or so. However, the button over-shoved for his entire 25,000 stack, putting the action back on the small blind who tanked for an eternity before making the call. The cards went on their backs:

Small blind A♥9♥
Roberto Brenes A♠K♦
Button Q♣J♣

Brenes was drawing nearly dead to the button's flush and needed running cards for any hope of survival. He couldn't hit the miracle, though the turn falling the 3♥ and the river the 3♦, sending Roberto to the rail.

Two Breneses still remain in the field. Though Humberto is growing a bit short-stacked with 6,700, Alex is quite comfortable with 26,000 in chips.