LAPT Mar del Plata: Dennis Down

lapt-promo.gifDennis Phillips did not look like a happy man. Standing behind his chair with his head slightly bowed, the slice of felt in front of him now devoid of chips, Phillips showed all the signs of a man who had just been busted on some sort of horrible beat. With a bit of investigation, we discovered how his final hand played out.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8905.jpg

Dennis Phillips

Phillips and his two opponents all checked the K♥Q♥4♣ flop. The T♦ came on the turn and after the first player checked, the second put out a 2,000 bet. Phillips slid his entire stack into the middle in response, and though the first player folded, the initial bettor callled. It was quite the cooler, with Phillips holding J♣9♣ for a king-high straight and his opponent with A♠J♠ for the ace-high straight. Despite the ugly result, Phillips was gracious as ever and shook his opponent's hand before heading to the rail.

"I'm gonna go relax and then play the 10K tomorrow" Phillips said as he headed off into the casino, perhaps in search of a serving of his beloved South American energy drink "Speed Unlimited" (aka speed in a can).

Across the room, Phillips' girlfriend Maura Harris was still hanging on with 4,000 in chips. Busy concentrating on her own game, she didn't even know her significant other had been eliminated until we recounted the hand to her.

"Oh well. As long as he runs hot in June and July!" she laughed, referring to the upcoming WSOP.

Also hitting the rail in this level was APPT champion Eddy Sabat, who had been short-stacked for quite some time. 108 players still remain in the Day 1B field.