LAPT Mar del Plata: Field of final tablists

lapt-promo.gif"Jude Law is here!"

It's a common cry on the Latin American Poker Tour.

The man we call Jude is, in fact, Damian Salas (an almost-dead ringer for the actor) He came in third place in Chile and has been a familiar face on the LAPT for some time.

The nature of this game leads us to remember the names and faces of the people who make final tables. This Argentina field is full of them.

That night Salas came in third he went on to watch Vincenzo Gianelli and Fabian Ortiz get heads up. Gianelli is here in Argentina, on the rail right now and presumably playing in Day 1B. Ortiz, however, sat down on Day 1A. Alas, the LAPT Chile champion (the man who came back from a small blind to win the championship), has already made his exit from this grand final.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8501.jpg

Fabian Ortiz before his exit

Elsewhere in the room, we find more final table faces, like Angel Guillen and Martha Herrera, both of whom made the LAPT Mexico final table. Herrera is all smiles todday and no longer getting around on crutches. The cast she wore at her last final table visit is gone.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8527.jpg

Angel Guillen

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8536.jpg

Martha Herrera

Other LAPT final table faces playing today or tomorrow include Brent Sheirbon, Maria Stern, Hernan Villa, Alex Brenes, and Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes.

It will be a few days before we know who will end up at the final table here, but be sure of this: when it's all over, we'll remember the names and faces when the LAPT kicks back up for season 3.