LAPT Mar del Plata: Level 13-14 live updates

lapt-promo.gifThis is a live blog of the LAPT Mar del Plata Grand Final, brought to you by bloggers Brad Willis and Change100. This post will updated on a regular basis. Click refresh for the latest information. The latest selected chip counts can be found on the LAPT Chip Counts page.

Blinds 1,500-3,000/300

Last updated: 3:48pm

3:48pm--Mark Ioli seizes the chip lead

With a K♥J♥7♣ flop already spread out, Mark Ioli led out for 20,000 only to be met with an all in raise from Angel Guillen. Ioli called, tabling K♦T♣ for top pair, but Guillen had outflopped him with J♦7♦. That's when things got really ugly. The A♠ on the turn gave Ioli more outs with an inside straight draw and his gin card, the Q♦ arrived on the river, making Ioli an ace-high straight and eliminating Guillen, who (clearly) was none too pleased with the result of the hand.

With that monster pot, Ioli seized the chip lead with over 250,000 in his stack.

3:46pm--Ten off the money

Expect things to slow down a bit here as we approach the money bubble. Thirty-seven players remain. Twenty-seven get paid.

3:44pm--Three tales of running good

Sometimes you just have to come from behind. Take the last three all-in confrontations we witnessed.

Lautaro Curi was all-in with A♦ K♥ against rising star Mark Ioli's A♠ 9♣ The only thing that changed on the K♠ 9♥ 6♥ flop was Ioli now had fewer outs with which to get there. That made the 9♦ all the more painful for Curi.

Just seconds later, Diego Maggiolo got it all-in with Q♦ 9♥ versus Dominik Nitsche's J♠ 8♣. Maggiolo went as far as to flop the 9♣ to take a formidable lead in the hand. It didn't matter. Nitsche hit his three-outer on the river to send Maggiolo packing.

Had enough? Well, there's more. Andres Felipe Carrillo got his Q♣ Q♦ in against Pat Van Dijk  A♦ T♣. Van Dijk ended up making the straight by the river on the 7♦ 9♠ 4♥ J♣ 8♥ board.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJ2_5992.jpg

3:32pm-- Alex Brenes continues to roll

It was a three-way all in before the flop, short-stack Vadim Thelin moving in from under the gun, Diego Maggiolo moving all in behind him and when the action folded to Alex Brenes, he shipped his stack into the middle as well. Maggiolo had both of his opponents covered. The hands?

Thelin A♦3♥
Maggiolo A♠Q♦
Brenes A♥K♦

The rail surged around the table, calling out for various cards en espanol. Brenes kept his lead on the J♥9♣4♣ flop and himself began calling for a "dos."

The turn was the 4♠ and the river the T♠. Thelin was eliminated while Brenes more than doubled up, continuing his miraculous run after being crippled to only 400 in chips only a couple of hours ago.

Here's a look at how Brenes rode the emotional rollercoaster.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJG_9558.jpg

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJG_9559.jpg

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJG_9574.jpg

3:23pm-- Maria Stern Eliminated

The first lady of Costa Rican poker just went out over on the TV featured table. All in on a flop of Q♥6♦4♣, Stern held A♦Q♦ but her hand was no match for Jose Nadal's set of sixes. The turn was the 5♣, the river was the J♥ and Stern made a gracious exit with 44 players remaining in the tournament.

3:15pm-- No victory lap for Gualter Salles

Gualter Salles got the last of his chips in before the flop with A♣7♠ and Derek Lerner made the call from the button with A♠Q♠. Salles was looking for a seven, but couldn't conjure one up on the K♣T♠6♦5♣J♥ board, Lerner claiming his stack and sending him to the rail.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJG_9579.jpg

3:04pm--Any black card!

Short-stacked and all-in with 3♣ 3♠ against Q♥ T♥, Spain's Raul Paez neither loved nor hated the A♥ 3♦ 7♥ flop. After the 6♦ turn, Paez implored the dealer, "Any black card."

The dealer must have been listening to something else. He laid out the 9♥ on the river and Paez was out.

2:53pm-- Blinds up

After an extended break where many of the the 100-denomination chips were colored up and the blue 5,000-denomination chips were introduced we're back, with blinds up to 1,500-3,000 with a 300 ante.

2:29pm--Break time

Players are on a 15 minute break while we color up.

2:28pm-- More details on the Alex Brenes comeback

It really was a sight to see. Down to only 400 in chips, Alex Brenes mounted a stunning comeback, rocketing up to 35,000 in chips in the space of six hands. Here's how the action unfolded.

1. Brenes was crippled when he got all-in preflop against Juan Pablo Reverter holding A♣J♠ against Reveter's A♠K♥. Though Brenes paired his kicker on the Q♣J♣6♠ flop, the K♠ spiked on the turn giving the lead back to Reverter. The river was the 4♥ and Brenes was crippled to only 400 in chips.

2. 200 of Brenes' 400 chips were posted in the ante, the rest going in before the flop. Brenes' J♠4♠ was up against Dominik Nitsche's A♦6♠ and with the board running out T♣4♥3♥8♣2♦, he raked in 2,700 in chips.

3. Brenes was all in again on the next hand with Q♥J♦ against the big blind's K♥T♠.

"Thank God!" Brenes cried as the flop came down A♠Q♦5♣. The 9♥ and 9♦ arrived on the turn and river and Brenes more than doubled again, this time to about 9,500.

4. Another hand, another all-in from Brenes. This time, however, the rest of the table folded and he picked up 6,000 in blinds and antes to bring his chip count up to 15,500.

5. Brenes folded.

6. Dominik Nitsche opened for 5,800, Brenes moved all in and Nitsche called. Things looked grim when Nitsche turned up J♣J♥ and Brenes the K♣J♦. The flop came down Q♥8♠4♣, Nitsche's jacks still holding.

"Rey!" cried Brenes, looking for a king.

Instead the turn fell the 9♥, opening up a few more outs for Brenes with a gutshot straight draw. Then, like magic, the T♠ appeared on the river, the entire table gasping in disbelief, then applauding Brenes' comeback.

The hand took Brenes up to 34,000 in chips, where he remains as we go to the break.

2:24pm--Herrera eliminated, Brenes bouncing

Our friend Martha Herrera has been eliminated short of the money. All in with A♣T♥ she ran into Hugo Spangerburg's J♠J♥. Unable to improve on the K♦6♠2♥2♦Q♦ board, she hit the rail.

Meanwhile, a crippled Alex Brenes proving something about the old chip and chair thing. Just a few minutes ago, he thought he was out of the tournament and was even shaking his opponent's hand. When the counts came in, Brenes still had 600 chips left (half a small blind, if you're keeping score at home). Within the last few minutes, Brenes has done nothing but doubled up again and again. He now has 20,000 chips.

2:21pm--A gift to Santi Claus

Eduardo Santi couldn't look less like ol' St. Nick. He's cue-ball bald, clean-shaven, and not sporting a big belly. Nonetheless, his short-stack just got a real gift in the form of a cooler. Maria Stern held A♠ K♦ to Santi's A♥ A♦. The case ace on the flop sealed the deal and Santi doubled up.

2:09pm--Day 2 through a lens

Watch LAPT Mar del Plata S2: Day 2 Promo on

2:04pm--Getting closer...

Only 27 players will make the money, but we're edging ever closer to that number. Fifty-one players remain.

1:51pm--Mario Lopez not saved by the bell

Somebody call Principal Belding.

Mario Lopez (no, not the Mario Lopez) just managed to win a race and then lose it again within a matter of seconds.He got it all in-preflop with Mark Ioli. Lopez held A♠ K♥ to Ioli's Q♠ Q♥.

Lopez looked like he might make the headline to this post different when the flop came out A♣ 2♠ 8♣. But then the turn looked a lot like the Q♦. Ioli's reaction pretty much confirmed that for us.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJG_9505.jpg

Lopez is out short of the money, while Ioli hangs on to fight another day.

1:43pm--Leo Fernandez=short-stack ninja

Leo Fernandez continues to work magic with the short stack he's been riding since early on Day 1B. Fernandez got the rest of his chips in on a Q♣8♣4♦ flop against Eduardo Santi, his A♠A♦ miles ahead of Santi's Q♠J♣. The turn and river blanked out with the 9♥ and the 4♣, Fernandez earning a much-needed double-up. Finally sporting a comfortable stack, he's currently sitting on about 65,000 in chips.

1:35pm--Blinds up!

After moving to Level 13, we're on to 1,200-2,400/300 blinds.