LAPT Mar del Plata: Level 17-18 live updates

lapt-promo.gifThis is a live blog of the LAPT Mar del Plata Grand Final, brought to you by bloggers Brad Willis and Change100. This post will updated on a regular basis. Click refresh for the latest information. The latest selected chip counts can be found on the LAPT Chip Counts page.

Blinds 5,000-10,000/1,000

Last updated: 10:19pm

10:19pm--Vincenzo Giannelli suffers tough beat, out in 10th ($28,200)

Play was hand for hand. Five players sat at each table. Nine of them would make the final table. One would go to bed tonight without any plans for the next day.

And so it came that Jason Skeans moved all in from the small blind A♥6♣ and got a snap-call from Vincenzo Giannelli in the big blind. Giannelli held K♥ K♦.

"I call, I call, I call!" Giannelli screamed, "No aces!"

Skeans had Giannelli covered, but not by much. It looked like the big Venezuelan would make his second final table of this season's LAPT. Event after the flop, 2♠ J♣ 5♦, all looked well. Then the A♠ came on the turn. Giannelli couldn't find a king on the river and he was gone in 10th place.

10:00pm--Tragic fall: Mark Ioli sputters out in 11th place ($24,700)

It was not too long ago that American PokerStars qualifier was the chip leader in this event. It was not too long ago that he made a snap and hero call for most of his stack. It was not too long ago he was way ahead pre-flop for the biggest pot of the tournament. It was not long ago he lost that pot. Now, he is out.

It happened when he got 7♦ 7♣ all-in against Segio Farias' K♦ K♠ The board ran out 6♥ J♣ 4♠ 2♣ 8♣.

With Ioli gone, the crowd is chantly wildly for Farias, their main from Argentina.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJ2_6059.jpg

9:51pm-- Hugo Spangerberg eliminated in 12th place ($24,700)

Jorge Landazuri opened for a 32,000 raise from the button and with just over 140,000 in his stack, Hugo Spangerberg moved all in from the big blind. Landazuri thought the situation over for several minutes before electing to make the call. Spangenberg turned up 2♥2♠ and we had ourselves yet another classic race situation, Landazuri showing A♣5♦. An ace hit the flop, leaving Spangerberg drawing to only two outs, neither of which materialized by the river, the board running out A♦J♦T♣K♠3♦ to send him home in 12th place.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJG_9734.jpg

9:45pm-- Alejandro Rodriguez eliminated 13th ($21,160)

We know it's cliche to talk about a classic race situation, but there's a reason cliches become cliches. This was one of them. PokerStars qualifier Rodolfo Awad got J♣ J♥ all in aganist Alejandro Rodriguez's A♣ Q♣. Just like the last hand, the door card Q♦ made it look like Rodriguez was going to catch up. Instead, the second card on the flop, J♠, pretty much finished the hand. No suck-out on the turn and river and Rodriguez finished in 13th place.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJG_9806.jpg

9:30pm--After dinner play purges Damian Salas (15th -- $21,160) and Eduardo Santi (14th -- $21,160)

Just back from dinner, we played just a couple hands before the short-stacks cannibalized each other. It started when Eduardo Santi pushed all-in and Damian Salas called for a little bit less. Perhaps neither expected Segio Farias to over-call. Farias had them both covered. When the hands went on their backs, it looked like this:

Santi: A♦ 8♣
Salas: 6♠ 6♦
Farias: A♣ J♥

Santi was more than a little excited when he saw the 8♠ in the door, but the next card brought the J♣. Another jack fell on the turn, no six fell on the river and Farias scored a double-bustout. Because he had slightly more chips, Santi officially finished in 14th place. Salas finished in 15th.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJ2_6040.jpg

Santi reacts when seeing he's beat

7:50pm--Chow time

With the conclusion on Level 17, our 16 remaining players are on a 90-minute dinner break.

7:47pm -- Jamie Ateneloff eliminated in 16th place ($17,640)

Jamie Ateneloff made his last stand with the K♣T♣ and got a caller in Alfons Fenijn who held J♣6♦. A jack hit the flop and another hit the turn, ending Ateneloff's hopes for a repeat appearance at an LAPT final table.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJG_9775.jpg

7:45pm--Damian Salas doubles through Mark Ioli

Damian Salas moved all in from under the gun for his remaining 32,500, Mark Ioli moved all in from the button and the blinds folded. It was pocket kings for Salas vs. Ioli's Q♦J♦, the cowboys holding up on the Q♣8♥6♠A♠5♦ board to more than double him up to 79,000.

7:41pm--We believe the kids say...O-M-G.

Table consolidation played with the fates and put the two chip leaders right next to each other at the outer table. Dominik Nitsche and Mark Ioli are both gamblers. We knew that already. We just didn't know how much.

With the blinds at 4,000-8,000/500, Nitsche came in for a standard raise from the burron. Ioli almost immediately announced raise from the small blind and nearly tripled Nitsche's bet. With barely a second of hestiation, Nitsche announced all-in. Ioli didn't even ask how much it was. He only asked, "You're all-in? I call!"

He jumped from his seat and slammed K♠ Q♠ down on the table like it was pocket aces. Keep in mind, these two guys were the chip leaders. Nitsche had pushed for 352,000. He casually turned over K♥ T♥.

"Whooooo!" Ioli shouted. He jumped toward the ceiling, shoved his fist in the air and proclaimed, "I knew it!"

"Good call," someone said.

And it was, but no one could help but be startled by the two hands tangling in an all-in pre-flop battle.

Despite the fact Ioli was well ahead, there was still the matter of the board running out.

The flop: A♥ 6♥ J♣.

"Oh, God," someone said.

Two hearts and a gutshot straw. How could it happen.

It could happen on the turn...the 5♥.

Ioli was suddenly drawing dead. He looked like someone had just burned down his house.

The final pot totaled more than 720,000 and slid over to Nitsche.

Ioli, for his part, is left with less than 200,000.

7:15pm-- Rodrigo Caprioli eliminated in 17th place ($17,640)

Rodrigo Capriolo open-shoved from middle position only to have mega-stacked Mark Ioli move all in behind him to isolate. The rest of the table folded and the cards were turned up, Q♠T♥ for Capriolo, and K♣K♥ for Ioli. Capriolo was drawing dead and rising from his seat when the turn card hit the felt, the board running out J♥6♦5♣2♣8♠ to send him home in 17th place.

7:05pm-- Pat Van Dijk eliminated in 18th place ($17,640)

Though Pat Van Dijk got a bit of a chip infusion when he knocked out Robin Chesne in 24th place, he got himself all in pre-flop holding A♠2♦ against Alfons Fenijn's T♥T♦. Van Dijk flopped good when it came down A♦J♣5♣, Fenijn spiked his two-outer on the turn when the T♠ fell, making him a set. The river was the J♥ and the good-natured Dutchman hit the rail with smiles and handshakes for his tablemates and a hug for his fellow countryman Fenijn.

LAPT ARG S2_Day2_IJG_9725.jpg

7:00pm-- Julian De Berti eliminated in 19th place ($14,120)

Julian De Berti got the last of his chips in the middle holding A♥Q♣ and Jose Barbero looked him up with 4♥4♦. Though he had at least ten outs on the K♣K♦T♥ flop, the turn and river blanked out with the 3♦ and the 9♦, sending De Berti to the rail.