LAPT Mar del Plata: Maridu needs a little run-good

lapt-promo.gif"I ran so bad in SCOOP so I have to win this one, right?" said Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck as she clutched a cocktail at last night's welcome party. Wearing a printed kimono-style dress and metallic birdcage wedges, the always-fashionable Maridu had her "Team Pro" patch affixed to a vintage Chanel purse, likely a first for a piece of PokerStars branding.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8520.jpg

Maridu was excited to show off the jet-black manicure she had done for the occasion. "My opponents should fear the black nails" she quipped.

Though the Brazilian native had a rocking start to this event, flopping a Broadway straight on the first hand of the tournament, she recently ran into a cooler that would send a less level-headed player into a Hellmuthian rage. On a K-T-T flop, Maridu held K-T and when her opponent three-bet her river raise, she could already sense a sick cooler coming, but made the call. Sure enough, her opponent turned up K-K for the bigger boat and raked in the 12,000 chip pot, sending her stack down to 7,400.

On a subsequent hand, she raised it up pre-flop with A♣T♣ and got four callers. She checked as the flop came down J-7-3 with two clubs, one opponent led out, the other three called, and she moved all in with her nut flush draw. The move got three of her opponents to fold but the fourth called, tabling 3-3 for a set. The hand was over on the turn, however, the case three falling to give her opponent quads and leave her drawing dead.

Despite the beat, Maridu was happy with the way she played the hand.

"I'm getting so much value there with a shove... I want top pair or even a set to call me. I'm playing it the same way all day," she told us.

"Now I'm going upstairs to play online. I think I can still make it into the afternoon tournaments" she said with a smile as she made her exit.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8597.jpg

Shortly after Maridu was eliminated, Boris Becker suffered the same fate. Down to less than 1,000 in chips, Becker moved all in with A-2 and the big blind looked him up with T-4. A ten hit the flop and unable to improve, Becker hit the rail.