LAPT Mar del Plata: Mexico's finest

lapt-promo.gifJorge Landazuri doesn't do things the easy way. Consider his journey to Argentina.

The young man from Matlazan, Mexico did not pay a peso to enter this $5,200 event. Instead, he qualified on a freeroll. Know what he got when he won that? Yep, an entry into another freeroll. That tournament had a pretty good prize. When Landazuri won, he got his buy-in and trip to Argentina for nothing at all.

That's all well and good, but after getting here, he had to do some work. Work, he has. In just the last little bit, he managed to bust a sort-stack with ace-queen versus ace-jack. Then came the hand that made him blush.

Hernan Villa was starting to get a little short and announced all-in. Landazuri must have been thinking about the girls of Matlazan or the price of tea in Boston, because when he peeked at his cards, he, too announced all-in. He seemed really, really surprised when he looked up to see Villa all-in.

There was no taking it back. Even though Landazuri did not want to play his A♠ T♥, he'd already made the declaration. In a home game, somebody might let him take his chips back. Here, the toothpaste was way, way out of the tube. What's more, Landazuri was way, way behind Villa's big slick.

So, in went the chips and out came the flop with two hearts. There fell the turn with another heart. The river, of course, was another heart. Four-flushed and down the drain, Villa shook his head, shook a hand or two, and disappeared into the smoke. Landazuri shook his head, too. Even so, no amount of embarrassment is going to give the chips back to Villa.

Landazuri now sits at around 70,000 in chips.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8755.jpg

At the very next table, Puerto Vallarta's Martha Herrerra defines life support. Though we haven't been sweating her all day long, we haven't see her stack much above the starting 10,000 all day. So came the time she got her last 7,000 or so in the middle. We were busy counting Landazuri's chips, so we didn't see the hand play out, but the result was clear. Herrerra pounded the table with joy, hugged Landazuri, and then, for lack of something else to grab, hugged us.

"I do not want to lose," she said with a giant smile. "I hate to lose!"

We'd hate to see her lose, too. She's always good for a smile and a hug, so good luck to you, Martha.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8773.jpg

Though not in action until tomorrow, there yet another successful Mexican in the crowd. Team PokerStars Pro J.C. Alvarado will be playing Day 1B fresh off his big win in the PokerStars Spring Championshipi of Online Poker. Here about that and more below.

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There has not yet been anyone from Mexico win an LAPT event, but if tonight is any indication, that could change soon.