LAPT Mar del Plata: Numbers released, names witheld

lapt-promo.gifIt took a couple guys with a high-tech abacus, but the final number of entrants is in.

Day 1A saw 140 players belly up for the eleven levels of play. Today, 151 will play the exact same amount of time. If you take the time to do the addition, you'll see that puts us at a very respectable 291 players for this $5,200 buy-in event. Twenty-seven players made it through Day 1A. We expect a similar number coming out of Day 1B.

"But, wait!" you say. "There are more people in Day 1B! How can you expect to have the same number as yesterday?"

Well, there is no real science to it. There's a bit of witchcraft and no small amount of anecdotal evidence. That is, things are playing a bit fast today. Witness the hand below.

Disclaimer: The names of the players have been changed to protect integrity, pride, and a general sense of decency,

We're sitting at the 75-150 blind level, so a raise to 600 might have been a tad big, but nothing really extraoridinary. That's what Max Middle Position did to start the action. Sammy Small-Blind made the call from, well yes, the small blind. Still fairly par for the course, having not seen the cards. Billy Big Blind was down a bit from his starting stack but in no real danger of going out any time soon. In came his raise to 2,000.

Well, now we're talking about a poker hand. Max gave up his initial 600 without too much thought, but Sammy seemed perplexed. He tanked and hard. From the rail, it seemed as if he might have gotten himself in a bit of a bind. Maybe he was thinking he should've re-raised with his monster out of the small blind. Maybe he was just transferring his trap from Max to Billy. Either way, it took having the clock called on him before he tossed in the additional 1,400.

When the flop came out T♥ 6♠ 2♣, Sammy checked. Maybe his big slick had missed. Maybe he was still trapping. Either way, the action was on Billy.

Billy counted out his chips and saw he had around 6,000 left. He cut out 3,000 and put it in front of him. Without a second of hesitation, Sammy waved his hand forward. All-in. Billy snap-called.

Ouch, we thought. What a cooler. Two big pairs? A set versus an over-pair? What could it be?

The hands:

Sammy Small Blind: T♠ 8♦
Billy Big Blind: J♥ T♦

The turn and river didn't help Sammy, and Billy Big Blind scooped the pot.

So, anyway, we feel like the tourney is playing a bit fast.

Here's a look at the start of Day 1B from the fine folks on the PokerStars video blog team.

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