LAPT Mar del Plata: Picture your chip leaders

lapt-promo.gifIt's dinner time. Actually, for Argentinians, we think this is more like lunch, but we're not going to parse eating traditions. As far as Tournament Director Mike Ward is concerned, this is the time at which we dine.

Fewer than 80 people remain in Day 1A. Because of the vagaries of a bifurcated Day 1, its not really possible to say how long we'll play tonight, but figure we'll have around 27 players left when we close up shop for the night.

With the chip average sitting around 18,000, we have three people with a damned good shot of making it to Day 2. These three souls are currently at the top of the leader board.

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8666.jpg

Chip leader Eduardo Santi -- 50,175

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8687.jpg

The man who just tripled up, Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre -- 50,000

LAPT ARG S2_Day1A_IJG_8680.jpg

The ever-shy Tamara Yael Szaingurten -- 40,400

While there are no guarantees about will happen later tonight, one thing is for sure. We're going to find some meat.

Play resumes around 8pm local time (ET + 1 hour).