LAPT Mar del Plata: Superpancho fail, poker FTW

lapt-promo.gifYou're adventurous. We know that because you take the time to ride the waves of this poker life. Even if you only live vicariously through the players on this blog, you have a spirit fit for strategic carelessness. We're sure of it.

So, let us ask you this: if at dinner and offered the chance to order something called a superpancho con queso, would you not have to do it? Moreover, would you not be excited about it. I mean, set aside the obvious lure of the "con queso" part. Even if you didn't know what a superpancho was, you'd simply have to order it, right?

Well, some advice from this group of weary travelers our kindred spirits in the ether, please heed our advice. You might want to move superpancho down on the list of things to do while in Argentina. Just sayin'.

That is a long way of indicating the dinner break has now passed and we're moving on to Level 7 of Day 1A. Seventy players remain in action at this hour.

While we walk off the superpancho, we invite you take a look at this interview our video blog team did with player Ryan Smith.

Superpancho, indeed.

Watch LAPT Mar del Plata S2: Ryan Smith catch up on