LAPT Mexico final table: 12k/24k updates

Updates from the postponed LAPT Mexico final table 12,000/24,000/2,000 level will be posted here and come courtesy of live bloggers Brad Willis and Change100.

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Last update 10:40pm

10:40pm-- Prager regains some ground

After Rory Cox picked up a few small pots off her, Helen Prager's chip count dipped below the the 1 million mark, but she was able to reclaim some of those lost checks on this most recent hand.

Cox opened for 53,000 on the button and Prager called. The flop came down K♣-5♥-3♠ and both players checked. The turn was the 3♦ and Prager led out for 80,000. After quite a long think, Cox decided to raise to 176,000, prompting a three-bet shove from Prager. Cox quickly mucked and Prager raked in the pot.

10:28pm - Tick and tock like peanut butter and chocolate

As Rory Cox slowly picks away at Helen Prager's stack, we're left with little to report but the weather, which, by the way, is quite nice.


10:24pm - Updated chip counts

Rory Cox 1,600,000
Helen Prager 940,000

10:04pm--And now, for a showdown

Both players limped in and saw a flop of 8♥-7♦-2♠. Prager led out for 25,000 and Cox called. The turn came the 9♣ and Prager bet another 80,000, Cox coming along with a call. The river paired the board with the 9♥ and Prager fired a third barrel for 120,000 and Cox made the call.

Prager turned up 2♥-7♠ for a flopped two pair, but Cox caught up on the turn with his 8♣-[10S] for the better two pair with nines and eights to win the pot.

9:59pm-- Prager playing pre-flop poker

Thus far in our heads-up match we've seen about ten hands, only one resulting in a flop. Most pots have been taken down with a single pre-flop raise while Prager has already moved all in three times over the top of Cox's opening bet. Cox folded each time. Both players are still nearly dead even in chip count.

9:44pm--Play begins

Rory Cox and Helen Prager are now playing heads up for the championship. On the very first hand, Cox picked up pocket eights, but couldn't get any action.


9:30pm--Heads up play about to begin

The players are making their way back from dinner. After starting the heads-up match with a 5-1 advantage, Cox now finds himself nearly dead even with Helen Prager. He has her outchipped by 3,000 chips. Keep in mind, there are about 2.6 million chips in play.