LAPT Mexico final table: 15k/30k updates

Updates from the postponed LAPT Mexico final table 15,000/30,000/3,000 level will be posted here and come courtesy of live bloggers Brad Willis and Change100.

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Last update 11:35pm

11:35pm - Rory Cox wins the LAPT Mexico ($15,000), Helen Prager eliminated in 2nd place ($11,000)

Rory Cox opened from the button for 72,000, Helen Prager moved all in for 972,000 from the big blind and Cox made the call.

Prager: [KH}-7♦

Cox: A♠-[10S]

Cox let out a whoop and pumped his fist as the flop came down A♣-J♥-8♣, leaving Prager drawing only to running cards.


Get in! Rory Cox

With her husband's arm around her, she watched the 5♠ land on the turn, a resigned look on her face as she realized she was drawing dead.

The river was the J♠ and Cox extended his hand to Prager for a sportsman-like shake, congratulating her on a good game.

For her runner-up finish, Prager earns $11,000 while Cox takes home $15,000 and the prestige of an LAPT title.

Stay tuned for a full wrap-up.

11:28pm--Happy birthday to Mike Ward

We're pretty familiar with Tournament Director Mike Ward, but it wasn't until just a few minutes ago that we learned that today is his birthday. It appears we won't be able to buy him a drink until his day is over. So, we'll take this opportunity to wish our favorite TD a happy....32 minutes.

11:15pm--Cox charges ahead

With both players in for the 30,000 minimum, the flop came down K♠-9♠-4♦. Prager checked, Cox bet 47,000, and Prager called. The 6♣ hit the turn and Prager check-called a 79,000 bet from Cox. The river was the K♣ and Prager checked a third time, leaving Cox to fire a third barrel for 137,000. Prager, though gave up her hand and conceded the pot to Cox, who has now taken a slight chip lead.

11:10pm--Cox uses his PokerStars Blog One Time Chip

On a flop of 4♣-8♥-J♠, Rory Cox moved all-in and Helen Prager called with 8♠-3♥.

"Hold just one time," Cox begged as he turned over his K♣-8♣.


One time!


After thinking for a moment, Cox felt sure Prager would suck out. "Just give her the three of clubs," he said. At least then he would have the redraw to the flush.

The turn was the 9♣.

"That's a good card for me," Cox said with a sigh.

The river was the [10S]. Cox let out a l little "Whoop!"

With that, the stacks are nearly dead even again.

10:58pm-- Helen Prager seizes the chip lead with coinflip gone good

Rory Cox opened for 72,000, Helen Prager reraised all in for 959,000, and looking a bit exasperated, Cox made the call.

Prager: K♥-[10C]

Cox: 7♣-7♦

"I'd rather play it out but she moves all in so much!" said Cox as the dealer counted down their stacks and pulled in the amount of his call.

Again, Prager's husband Josh ran to her side from his seat in the audience. She folded her hands, covering her face as she waited for the board to reveal her fate.

The flop came down [10S]-5♣-2♦, pairing Prager's ten. Still looking concerned, she leaned back against her husband, who now wore a mile-wide smile.

There would be no two outer for Cox, as the turn fell the A♦ and the river the 6♣. Prager doubled her stack to 1.9 million, while Cox was left with approximately 700,000.


10:42pm--Level up, blinds up

We've now moved up to 15,000/30,000/3,000 blinds.