LAPT Mexico final table: 4k/8k updates

Updates from the postponed LAPT Mexico final table 4,000/8,000/500 level will be posted here and come courtesy of live bloggers Brad Willis and Change100.

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Last update 3:23pm

3:23pm--Chip count update

Seat 1: Rory Cox (USA) 1,100,000
Seat 2: Victor Ramdin (USA) 70,000
Seat 3: Pavel Naydenov (USA) 120,000
Seat 4: Helen Prager (USA) 350,000
Seat 5: Leonardo Emperador (Venezuela) 160,000
Seat 6: Steven Thompson (Costa Rica) 190,000
Seat 7: Bolivar Palacios (Panama) 160,000
Seat 8: Martha Herrera (Mexico) 60,000
Seat 9: Alex Brenes (Costa Rica) 110,000

3:18pm-- But what was the other card?

Victor Ramdin moved all in for 44,000 and the action was folded to Alex Brenes in the big blind.

"I don't mind a call. I like the action!" laughed Ramdin as Brenes mulled his decision.

Brenes ultimately folded and Ramdin flashed a six as he raked in the pot.


Victor Ramdin

3:15pm--Clean up on aisle 8!

We're not going to call any names, but somebody spilled a bottle of Coke that say between Alex Brenes and Martha Herrera. The folks from the Mantra Hotel and Casino were Johnny-on-the-spot with a mop. The ESPN crew is finishing up with some paper towels. If that's the worse mess of the week, we'll all do just fine.

3:08pm-- Steven Thompson doubles through Rory Cox

Steven Thompson raised to 25,000 from under-the-gun, Rory Cox reraised to 75,000 and Thompson made the call. The flop came down 8♥-5♣-4♣. Thompson immediately moved all in for his remaining 57,000 and Cox just as quickly called.

Thompson 5♥-5♠
Cox 9♥-9♠

The turn fell the J♥ and the river the 6♥, Thompson earning a double-up to 264,000 with his set of fives.

2:58pm-- More for Rory

In this latest episode of the Rory Cox Show, Alex Brenes put in an opening raise to 22,000 from the cutoff, only to have Cox, sitting on the button, ask him for a count. Brenes let him know he had about 100,000 behind, prompting Cox to move all in. Both blinds folded and after a long think, Brenes also elected to fold. Score another one for Rory!

2:49pm -- Cox, Cox, Cox

In a continuation of the last update, the name Cox keeps coming up. In the latest hand, Rory Cox raised to 19,000, Leonardo Emperador called, and Alex Brenes called from big blind. The flop came 4♦-J♣-2♦. Brenes checked, Cox continued for 38,000 and Emperador called. Both players checked the deuce on the turn. When another deuce fell on the river, Cox bet 40,000 and got a fold from Emperador.

2:43pm - Cox puts the pressure on

Rory Cox, who has the rest of the table outchipped by nearly three to one, is already weilding his monster stack like a sledgehammer. Cox opened for 19,000 and with the action folded to the final table's second-largest stack Helen Prager, she put in a reraise to 40,000. With the action back on Cox, he moved all in for his entire million-plus stack, forcing Prager to give up her hand and wait for a better spot.


Martha Herrera only has one foot on the ground right now. The lady from Mexico who won a single table satellite among friends to get into the event in the first place managed to break her leg between the event and now. Her right leg is currently propped up on a white table. The ESPN crew is doing its best not to whack the cast with their big cameras.

2:26pm--Postponed no more

After a three month break and 5,000 trip to the south, the LAPT Mexico final table is under way.

2:18pm--Is this a misprint?!!!

Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin just stood next to the final table in disbelief. "Is this a misprint?" he asked. He was looking at Rory Cox's 1,074,500 chip count.

Nobody else has more than 330,000 chips. You might see how Ramdin would be concerned.

Ramdin was, of course, joking. When this event ended online at PokerStars, Cox had run over the final two tables and absolutely eviscerated everybody. His chip count is for real. Now it's time to see what he does with it.

2:13pm--Players taking their seats

The players are taking their seats. We expect play to begin within the next 20 minutes or so.

1:30pm--Action scheduled to begin at 2:00pm

Action for the postponed LAPT Mexico final table is scheduled to begin in just about half an hour. Click on our prizes page to see what the players will win.

Here is who will be in action.

Seat 1: Rory Cox (USA) 1,074,500
Seat 2: Victor Ramdin (USA) 104,000
Seat 3: Pavel Naydenov (USA) 80,000
Seat 4: Helen Prager (USA) 326,500
Seat 5: Leonardo Emperador (Venezuela) 284,000
Seat 6: Steven Thompson (Costa Rica) 135,500
Seat 7: Bolivar Palacios (Panama) 128,500
Seat 8: Martha Herrera (Mexico) 88,000
Seat 9: Alex Brenes (Costa Rica) 154,500

Join us here for live blog action when play begins.