LAPT Mexico final table: 5k/10k updates

Updates from the postponed LAPT Mexico final table 5,000/10,000/1,000 level will be posted here and come courtesy of live bloggers Brad Willis and Change100.

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Last update 4:30pm

4:30pm--Level ends with eight players remaining

After two hours of play, only Victor Ramdin has found the rail. Everyone else is still in action. We're on a 15-minute break.

4:24pm-- Martha Herrera doubles through Bolivar Palacios

With the action folded to Bolivar Palacios in the small blind, he put in a raise to 32,000, only to be met with an all-in reraise for an additional 82,000 from Martha Herrera. Palacios made the call, Herrera's tournament life on the line.

Palacios: 5♠-6♣

Herrera: A♣-3♣

The board ran out K♠-J♥-3♥-K♥-8♦ and Herrera survived, making two pair kings and threes.


Bolivar Palacios

4:10pm--Thompson may be crippled, but he's still breathing

Crippled, Stephen Thompson moved all-in for 30,000 and got a call from Leonardo Emperador. Emperador called to see Thompson's A♥-6♥. Emperador held J♥-[10C].

"Steven's tournament life is on the line," tournament director Mike Ward announced.

"Once again!" Thompson exclaimed. "I'm the only one putting action the table!"

The flop came A♣-9♣-2♥.

"There's the ace," Thomson exhaled.

The 2♦ on the turn gave Thompson the hand. Then ten on the river meant nothing except a bullet Thompson never had to dodge.

3:55pm-- Bolivar Palacios cripples Steven Thompson

Stephen Thompson made it 35,000 to go and Bolivar Palacios made the call. The flop came down Q♣-9♣-4♣. Palacios moved all in for 92,000 and got a quick call from Thompson.

Thompson: A♣-J♥
Palacios: A♠-A♦

It was Thompson with the nut flush draw and Palacios with the made pair of aces as the dealer burned and turned the 8♦, giving Thompson even more outs with a straight draw. He now needed a ten or a club, but the Q♠ landed on the river, Bolivar's aces holding up to double his stack. Thompson was left crippled, with less than 40,000.

3:48pm - Martha Herrera doubles through Leonardo Emperador

Martha Herrera was handicapped in more ways than one coming into this final table, not only with the second-shortest stack, but with a broken right leg, which sits propped up on a white upholstered cube next to her chair in the eight seat.

Leonardo Emperador made it 21,000 to go pre-flop and Herrera moved all in for 50,500. Alex Brenes went into the tank for a bit before deciding to fold, and Emperador made the call.

Emperador: A♥-8♦

Herrera: A♣-K♠

Herrera kept her significant lead on the [10D]-4♣-2♥ flop. The 4♥ on the turn paired the board and the river was the 5♦, Herrera doubling up to over 100,000 on the hand.


Martha Herrera

3:32pm-- Victor Ramdin eliminated in 9th place ($1,000)

Victor Ramidin moved all in from the cut-off and Helen Prager quickly made the call from the small blind.

"Do I get a lifeline?" he laughed as he turned up his hole cards.

Ramdin: J♦-6♦

Prager: A♠-7♠

As Ramdin revealed his hand, several players on the other side of the table confessed to folding a jack.

"Thanks for the information, guys," Ramdin quipped dryly.

The flop was [10D]-7♥-4♥. As the K♣ landed on the turn, the good-natured Ramdin stood up from his chair, resigned to his fate. The river was the K♦, eliminating him in 9th place. After shaking hands around the table, the Team PokerStars Pro took a seat in the audience to watch the rest of the action play out.


Exit stage left: Victor Ramdin

3:30pm--Blinds up

We're now up to 5,000/10,000/1,000.