LAPT Mexico final table: 8k/16k updates

Updates from the postponed LAPT Mexico final table 8,000/16,000/1,500 level will be posted here and come courtesy of live bloggers Brad Willis and Change100.

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Last update 6:35pm

6:53pm--Herrera limps out with head high ($3,000)

A four-way pot has just sent Mexico's Martha Herrera out on her crutches.

It began when Rory Cox raised to 36,000 and got calls from Pavel Naydenov and Steven Thompson. Herrera, from the big blind, moved all in for an additional 29,000. She got called in all three places.

All the players checked the [10S]-A♦-4♦ flop and [10H] turn. On the K♠ river, Naydenov bet out 50,000 and got a call from Thompson. Naydenov turned up Q-T for the turned trips. That was good enough to beat Thompson, not to mention Herrera who held A♣-K♥.


Martha Herrera

Players are now on a 15-minute break.

6:35pm-- Pavel Naydenov doubles through Rory Cox

In the first few levels of this final table, Rory Cox seemed unstoppable, rolling over his short-stacked opponents with pressure poker and all-in moves. He may still be our dominant chip leader, but Pavel Naydenov just gained some significant ground on Cox via this double-up hand.

Naydenov opened for 41,000 from UTG, Steven Thompson flat-called from middle position and with the action folded to Cox in the big blind, he put the squeeze on and moved all in. Pavel called all in 210,500 and Thompson gave up his hand.

Naydenov: 6♥-6♦

Thompson: 5♠-5♣

The board ran out A♠-[10H]-3♠-9♥-8♣, Naydenov doubling up to over 400,000 and for the first time at this final table, Cox found himself below a million in chips.

Just over ten minutes remain in this level.

6:21pm-- Largest pot of the day ends in a chop

Pavel Naydenov moved all in for 138,500 from the button and Helen Prager quietly declared "call" from the small blind. Prager's husband Josh looked on with rapt interest from the front row of the audience as their cards were turned over.

Prager: A♦-4♦

Naydenov: A♣-6♣


Here's hoping: Helen Prager

Though Naydenov had Prager's hand dominated, the K♥-[10C]-3♥ flop left them with a good shot at a chopped pot. The 8♠ fell on the turn, upping that percentage even more.

Josh Prager cried for a chop as the dealer burned and turned and got his wish when the 7♠ hit the river. Prager and Naydenov split the pot, easily the largest of the final table thus far.

6:16pm--An autograph upon leaving

Here's a fine photo from our man Joe Giron.

Upon leaving in eighth place, Alex Brenes signed Martha Herrera's cast.


Impressive cast: Martha Herrera

6:09pm-- Palacios' reprieve is all-too temporary as he exits in 7th place ($2,000)

Steven Thompson open-raised on the button, Bolivar Palacios moved all in from the small blind for 60,500, Martha Herrera folded the big blind and Thompson made the call.

Thompson: A♦-5♦

Palacios: K♥-Q♠

The flop favored Thompson (as you can see in the photo below), coming down 9♥-6♠-3♣, and the A♣ on the turn left Palacios drawing dead.


Steven Thompson

The now-meaningless K♠ hit the river and Palacios hit the rail in 7th place, collecting $2,000.

6:03pm--Cox saves Bolivar Palacios

With only 22,500 in his stack, Palacios moved all-in under the gun. Rory Cox isolated with a big raise from middle position and everybody else folded. Palacios held K♥-9♣. Cox held a curious Q♥-[10C]. The board ran out 4♦-6♦-4♣-A♦-3♦ and Palacios doubled up. Steven Thompson remarked, "You should't have raised. I could've called the extra 6,000." Thompson left us with the impression that if Cox hadn't isolated, we would be down to six players. Instead, seven players are still in action.

5:58pm-- Herrera victorious in battle of the sixes, triples up

Martha Herrera moved all in for 46,000, Helen Prager made the call from the small blind, and Leonardo Emperador came along as well from the big blind. The flop was 8♣-5♠-3♣ and both Prager and Emperador checked. The 4♣ landed on the turn and was met with checks from our two remaining active players, as was the 5♣ on the river. Prager and Herrera turned over their hands revealing...

Herrera: 6♣-6♠

Prager: 6♥-6♦

Despite having the same hand, Herrera had rivered a flush with her sixes. Emperador mucked.

"So sick!" cried an audience member as Herrera raked in the pot, tripling her stack to over 150,000.

5:52pm-- New level, new blinds, same players

We're going into our fourth level of the day. Seven players remain.