LAPT Mexico final table to play out in Uruguay

Though you may not have realized it yet, we're in Uruguay. We'll tell you more about this fine country in just a bit, but for now, we have a bit of news on our hands.

A few months back you might have seen that the LAPT event in Mexico had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Now, three months later and more than 5,000 miles away, the final table will finally play out. What's more, it's going to finish up with some pretty big names, not the least of which is Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin.

Beginning tomorrow at 2pm local time (that's ET + 1 hour), the final nine players from LAPT Mexico will sit down under the television lights and play for the title.

If you follow the LAPT at all, many of these names are going to be familiar to you.

Rory Cox (USA) 1,074,464
Helen Prager (USA) 326,235
Leonardo Emperador (Venezuela) 283,309
Alex Brenes (Costa Rica) 154,465
Steven Thompson (Costa Rica) 135,006
Bolivar Palacios (Panama) 128,260
Victor Ramdin (USA) 103,576
Martha Herrera (Mexico) 87,600
Pavel Naydenov (USA) 79,585

In truth, we came all this way to watch the LAPT Punta del Este event play out starting on Wednesday, but since we're here we figured, "Hey, why not live blog the Mexico final table!" And, so we will.

As for this beautiful place in South America, we're still getting acclimated to the summer temperatures, rolling hills, and colorful gardens. We're also trying to shake off about 23 hours worth of travel. Once we get a feel for the place, we'll introduce you properly.

In the meantime, plan to join us here at 2pm Tuesday for the Mexico final table.