LAPT Playa Conchal: Better to be Netter

lapt-promo.gifEarlier today, we were remarking on how nice it would be to be Icelander Daniel Mar Palsson. That guy came down here from Iceland and spent the first few levels quintupling his stack. Since then, the ice has melted a bit and he's back down below 100,000. And so we posit that it may be better to be Tyler Netter.

If you don't know Netter (that's tnetter on PokerStars), you probably don't ever play tournaments online. The kid puts in some volume. Just counting his online cashes in November, we saw more than 30 in-the-money finishes in the last 19 days. That includes two fist place finishes in the high four figures and a massive fifth place finish in the Sunday Million for $63,000.

Now, he has spent most of Day 1 quietly eviscerating his opponents and at this hour sits on 130,000 from the starting 20,000 stack.


Netter, apparently is the real deal. That's how he ended up representing his country in poker's biggest national battle. A couple of years back, Netter represented Team USA in the World Cup of Poker. And, as expected, he and his team won.

Now he's on the LAPT and working on a title here. If the way he's been running in November is any indication, we might be using the old "better to be Netter" line more than a few times.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour