LAPT Playa Conchal: BrenesWatch, Part 1

lapt-promo.gifWithin the first 71 minutes of the tournament, Alex Brenes experienced quite the roller-coaster ride when it comes to his chip count. Starting with the standard 20,000 in chips, Alex's stack dipped to 5,200 within the first five minutes of play. Then he snatched up a huge pot, taking his stack back up to 17,000, only to give most of his winnings back on a subsequent hand, his chip count falling back down to 7,000. While a lesser player might simply throw up his hands in anguish, Alex hunkered down and found a bit of run-good, grinding his stack back up to a far more workable 23,000. He has his work cut out for him today, with Gualter "stockcar99" Salles directly to his right.

Gualter Salles and Alex Brenes

A few tables away, everyone's favorite shark-lover Humberto sported some unusual headwear. Typically found in his signature white visor adorned with the Costa Rican flag, Humberto is playing out Day 1 in a hat emblazoned with the Mexican flag, the result of being on the losing end of a prop bet with fellow Team Pro Angel Guillen. At the recently completed America's Cup of Poker, each man took their home country in a soccer match between Mexico and Costa Rica, the loser required to wear a hat from the opposite country at the next LAPT event. Needless to say, the Costa Ricans found themselves on the losing end, and Humberto is donning the red, white and green today.


Humberto Brenes, grinning in his Mexican soccer hat

Across the room, Humberto's youngest son, 18-year old Roberto landed on one of the more difficult tables in the room, captained by online sensation David "WhooooKidd" Baker. Playing in the tight-aggressive style he no doubt learned from his father, Roberto is hanging tough with 19,000 in chips.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Latin American Poker Tour