LAPT Playa Conchal Heads-Up Updates

lapt-promo.gifUpdates from level 25 and 26 of LAPT Playa Conchal, brought to you by Brad Willis and Change100.

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Blinds: 40,000/80,000/10,000

7:20pm: Amer Sulaiman wins LAPT Play Conchal

Sulaiman and Sol Bergren saw a flop of 7♠3♣4♠. Bergren led at the board with a 90,000 chip bet. Sulaiman moved all-in. Bergren, short-stacked in need of a double-up, called with 6♠7♠. Sulaiman held T♦[7♥. The board bricked out and Bergren was out.

Now, Iraqi born Canadian Amer Sulaimain is the LAPT Playa Conchal champion. he wins $172,095.

Bergren earns $100,492 for his runner-up finish.

We'll have a complete final table wrap-up in just a little while.

7:03pm: Prepare yourself
There's gotta be some action soon. Sol Bergren is down to eight big blinds.

6:50pm: In hour two
We've been heads up for two hours and fifteen minutes. The past 20 minutes haven't seen any big hands. While we're waiting for something to develop, here's an interview we shot with Amer Sulaiman earlier today.

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6:37pm: The pain continues

The two heads-up players saw a flop of 9♠7♦2♥. Both players checked. On the A♣ turn, Sol checked, Amer bet 140,000 and Sol called. On the 5♣ river, Sol checked again, Amer bet 320,000 and Sol called to see Amer's three-four...good for the wheel and the win.

6:28pm: Back in action

The blinds are up and play has resumed.

Had a chat with Sol Bergren during the break. Despite the tough start in heads up, he's still confident. "Amer is playing well," he said. "Maybe the cards will turn the other way now."

Blinds: 30,000/60,000/5,000

6:13pm: Time out
We're taking a break, one that Sol Bergren looks like he needs. He cannot find any footing against Sulaiman. On the second to last hand before break, both players checked the board to the river on a paired board. Finally, Sulaiman put in a very small bet. Bergren called to ee Sulaiman's full house.

6:00pm: Sulaiman, the check-raise machine
Sol Belgren came in for a raise to 150,000 and Amer Sulaiman called. They saw a flop of T♠6♠5♥. Sulaiman checked and let Bergren bet 170,000. Sulaiman wasted no time before moving all-in. Still frustrated, Bergren folded.

Bergren is down to 1.6 million while Sulaiman is now around 3.4 million.

5:55pm: Check, please
After a fairly aggressive performance from Sol Bergren at the final table, the heads-up battle has been fairly passive. In fact, a majority of the aggression has been fro the hands of Amer Sulaiman. Even so, there's not much to report, save the fact tat Sulaiman continues to hold the chip lead and Bergren is beginning to look a little frustrated.

5:40pm: Amer Sulaiman grinding his way back
Sol Bergren opened for 150,000 and Amer Sulaiman made the call. Both players checked the Q♦6♣4♣ flop and checked again when the 4♦ hit the turn. The river was the 9♠ and Sulaiman led out for 200,000. Bergren made the call, but mucked once he saw Sulaiman's K♥Q♠.

5:20pm: Reversal of fortune

When we started heads up play, the stacks looked a lot like this.

Sol Bergren: 2,805,000
Amer Sulaiman: 2,280,000

Now, they look a lot like this

Amer Sulaima: 2,805,000
Sol Bergren:: 2,280,000

Or something awfully close to that.
5:15pm: Blinds up

We're now about to 30,000/60,000/5,000 blinds.


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