LAPT Playa Conchal: Level 15 and 16 updates

lapt-promo.gifUpdates from levels 15 and 16 of LAPT Playa Conchal, brought to you by Brad Willis and Change100.

Selected approximate chip counts, updated throughout the day, are available on the chip counts page. The LAPT tournament structure can be found on the LAPT tournament structure page. The full payout structure is on the prize pool and winners page.

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Blinds: 2,000-4,000 (400 ante)

8:30pm: Well, that was crazy

When the bubble burst, we lost players like a drunk blogger at a craps table. In fact, we were scheduled to stop with 32 players remaining. We ended up losing three players on the last hand of the night.

We'll update the prizewinners page in just a sec. For now, we're finished playing for the night.

Also on the last hand of the night, we got a new chip leader. Eric Levesque, PokerStars qualifier from Canada, won a giant pot with ace-queen versus jacks to move up to 420,000.

We'll have a full wrap-up in a second.

7:52pm: Short-stack survival
Props to Trevor Massey, the PokerStars qualifier from Vancouver, who managed to nurse a short stack--and I mean REALLY short--through most of the afternoon and sneak into the money.

7:44pm: Brad Stebeleski, Bubble Boy
This was one of those bubbles where you feel bad for the guy going out. In this case, two players on the same table--right next to each other in fact--didn't have enough to put in the pot to make their bets whole.

Bolivia's Gustavo Robles Justiniano was down to just 200 chips--half an ante!--and all-in from the button. Meanwhile, Brad Stebeleski was all-in for his final few chips from the small blind. Only the big blind was left to play. When the cards went on their backs, here's what they looked like.

Big blind: K♦5♠
Justiniano: J♦[7♠
Stebeleski: A♠4♠

With a crowd of cameras surrounding the table, the dealer put out 3♣5♦9♥. If nothing changed, both players looked to go out simultaneously. Then the dealer turned the 7♦, putting Justiniano's 200 chips in the lead. The river, 9♠ changed nothing and Stebeleski went out on the bubble.

With 40 players remaining, we have several short stacks left in play. We're playing down to 32, something that should happen very fast.

7:21pm: Nehring doubles on the bubble
It looked like we might have our bubble boy with Mathis Nehring all-in for his last 15,000 and earning a call. Nehring woke up with pocket kings, however, and they held up against his opponent's A♠Q♥ to double him up to 38,000.

7:12pm: Yup, we're still here
As you might have suspected, we're still stuck at 41 players and awaiting one more bustout before reaching the money. Thus far, two of the shortest stacks in the room have doubled up, including one poor chap who was all in for his last 6,000 from the big blind.

6:47pm: Time to bust somebody
Players are back in two minutes and soon after that, we will be in the cash. In other news, the fruit here is amazing.


Brad Willis
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