LAPT Playa Conchal: Level 21 and 22 updates (continued)

lapt-promo.gifUpdates from level 21 and 22 of LAPT Playa Conchal, brought to you by Brad Willis and Change100.

Approximate chip counts, updated throughout the day, are available on the chip counts page. The LAPT tournament structure can be found on the LAPT tournament structure page. The full payout structure is on the prize pool and winners page.

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Level 21 and 22| Day 3 wrap

Blinds: 10,000/20,000/2,000

12:33pm: One orbit, one flop
Our final eight are still feeling each other out, with every pot except one taken down with a pre-flop raise. In the one hand that saw post-flop action, Rogelio Pardo made it 50,000 to go from the button and Carlos GIron looked him up from the small blind. Both players checked the 8♠4♥2♠ flop, then checked again when the 9♠ hit the turn. The river was the 9♣ and Giron led out for 25,000. Pardo folded and Giron took down the pot, flashing the 9♥ for trips.

12:15 pm: Cards are in the air

11:53 am: Final table to begin shortly
Our eight final table players are beginning to take their seats and unbag their chips. Action should be underway within the next few minutes. Sol Bergren is the current chip leader with over $1.3 million.


Kristin Bihr
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