LAPT Playa Conchal: Poker on vacation

lapt-promo.gifThousands of feet above the dark green canopy that makes up most of Costa Rica, it's impossible to get a sense for the place. It looks fake, like something Universal Studios might create for an American tourist or a film producer might doctor to make his movie look like paradise. It certainly doesn't look like the place you'd find a poker tournament. But that's what the people landing on this country's west coast are promised.

When the LAPT visited the land of pura vida in seasons 1 and 2, it hosted its event in the rough and tumble big city of San Jose. It's a fine place, but it's more city than sand and more bustle than beach. Now, this poker tournament has taken a vacation and this place that looks so manufactured is 100% real. Playa Conchal is the type of place that the movie producers look to for inspiration. It's the type of place you'd save for years to visit. It's the type of place that's hosting the first event of the LAPT's third season.


See, here on the Gold Coast, time has crushed millions and millions of tiny seashells into sand. It's just a short drive north from the Guanacaste province on the shores of the Pacific Ocean that brings us to the Paradisus Playa Conchal, a 2,400 acre resort that will be our home for the next four days of poker action.


It's been just about one year since American Ryan Fee came to Costa Rica and took down $285,773 in Season 2's first event. Now we prepare to crown a new champion. But first we will kick off the night with one of PokerStars' signature welcome parties.

I am here with fellow LAPT reporter Change100 and over the next four days we'll bring you live coverage from the first flop to the last river. For now, though, we're off to that party for some Imperial and food befitting a vacationing poker writer.


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour