LAPT Playa Conchal: Ramdin needs a new belt

lapt-promo.gifVictor Ramdin looks different.

When he's sitting behind a table, it's sort of difficult to tell what's making the difference. And if I hadn't ridden in from the airport with him, I might still be wondering what's making him so happy. Fortunately, we had 45 minutes to chat during the ride to Playa Conchal, and I have the scoop.

A few months back, Ramdin entered into a weight loss bet with one of his friends for a fairly substantial amount of money (you can ask him how much if you really want to know). What at first became an attempt to win some dough off his buddy became something more of a lifestyle change.

We all know the effect poker can have on the human body and we've seen many a player take on some pretty drastic measures to drop the points. Players like Howard Lederer, Robert WIlliamson III, and Thomas Keller all had gastric bypass surgery and dropped a lot of weight. Team PokerStars Pro Betrand ElkY Grospellier entered a weight loss bet of his own and went from pudgy to svelte in just a few months.

Ramdin did the same, at first combining a low carb diet with a decent amount of exercise. He started shedding pounds like a Brit on a bender. Then he went to London for the EPT and put on a little weight. When he came back, he went to a spa where he went on a specialized no-salt-no-sugar diet. He was also working out 4-6 hours per day.The pounds went off and after a few more lifestyle changes, Ramdin discovered he was about as healthy as he'd been in his life. His blood pressure was at an all-time low. His cholesterol was something the healthiest of men would envy. In just a few months, the Team PokerStars Pro had shed 30 pounds.


Alas, it was not enough to win the bet. And Ramdin? Well he couldn't seem to care less about losing the money.

"No complaints," he said with a smile. Because for Ramdin, it's not about the money. He is well-known for his charitable giving. He's also spent a lot of time in recent months supporting the Poker Players Alliance the the political candidates the advocacy ground supports. In short, even if it takes spending some of his hard-earned cash, the end is results makes it all worthwhile. In this case, it cost him a decent amount of money, but he's happy and healthy (and looking pretty good, too).

Now he's sitting among this LAPT crowd after a last-minute decision to fly down from New York and play in this Season 3 opener.

And he expects to do well.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour