LAPT Playa Conchal: Tres reinas

lapt-promo.gifWith the early exits of Maria Stern and former Costa Rican first lady Doris Yankelwitz, five women remain among the 171 players still in contention for the LAPT Playa Conchal title. Two of those five are South American-based Team PokerStars Pros and one is 3,000 miles from home, exchanging the sunny shores of Southern California for the tropical paradise of Guanacaste.

PokerStars player Shirley Rosario is no stranger to the LAPT. She made the trek to Costa Rica last season and was positioning herself for a deep run in Vina del Mar, Chile when her pocket queens were cruelly cracked by A-7. Rosario got off to a rough start this afternoon, losing about half her stack when she flopped top two pair, only to have her opponent catch a straight on the river. However, she was a able to climb back up to 17,000 after doubling through the player on her right, serial qualifier Aaron Lerner. Since then, she's been steadily building her stack and is presently up to 26,000.


Aaron Lerner and Shirley Rosario

Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck is experiencing an up-and-down day. Her pocket queens were cracked early on by a short-stacked player who pushed in with pocket eights and flopped a set. Then, with her stack whittled down to under 10,000, she moved in on a 4-4-3-9 board and got her opponent to fold, taking her chip count back into safe territory with 18,000.


Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck

A short time ago, Maridu was sitting in the big blind when she faced an opening raise from a middle position player. With the action folded around to her, she made the call, drawing a strange look from her opponent.

"I'm only calling! What, you just want the blinds and antes every time?" she laughed.

An A♠Q♦T♣ flop fell. Maridu checked to her opponent, who put out a continuation bet.

"No thank you," she said, opening up pocket fours and pushing them toward the muck. Her opponent showed K♥J♦, having flopped the nut straight. She can dodge bullets, baby.


Team PokerStars Pro Veronica Dabul

Veronica Dabul's PokerStars screen name is "Princesa" and it's easy to see why. The perpetually tan Argentine beauty is always one of the most fashion-forward players in the room and today she is sporting some animal-print sandals that could drive this writer to thievery. Although Dabul took some hits early on, she's back up to 19,300 and cheerfully bantering with her tablemates.

As Level 6 draws to a close, 171 of our 259 runners are still alive and kicking and after two more levels of play, the survivors can bag up their chips and head to the bar.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Latin American Poker Tour