LAPT Playa Conchal: Wipeout for the surfer boy

lapt-promo.gifHank Sitton waved his hand around the well-appointed resort.

"This is my old stomping grounds," he said, the memory obviously still clear in his mind. "I used to be a surfer.

Sitton, known as "Hardway Hank" on PokerStars, is a serial qualifier for PokerStars events. We've seen him just about everywhere, including the underground games in Greenville, SC where this writer used to play. The owner of a major car dealership back in the U.S., Sitton likes to spend his spare time playing cards. He's done alright for himself. His most recent score was a third place finish at the Gulf Coast Poker Championship in 2007 for $210,000.

If that win is in the past, Sitton is enjoying his memories of ancient history, of his time on the waves along the Guanacaste coastline.


"Back then, none of this was here. It was gravel roads all the way from Tamarindo to here," he said. "And that airport we flew into? It had a thatched roof. A tiki hut!"

Just last night, Sitton was sure he would make a big splash here in the place of his youth. Alas, the scream of "Seat open, Table 2" meant an early wipeout for the one-time king of the waves.

Sorry, Hank. But, look at it this's more time for the beach.


In other news, Jean-Robert Bellande must have been hungry for some pool time. He busted in the first level of the day.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour