LAPT Punta del Este: A long way from Uppsala

It's about 20 degrees Fahrenheit at the moment in Uppsala, Sweden, the town 40 miles north of Stockholm that Johannes Korsar calls home. With the forecast looking grim and gray, Korsar and a friend decided to take a holiday in Buenos Aires to escape the frozen Nordic winter.

After two weeks in the Argentinian sun, the two decided to hop on a 30-minute flight to Punta del Este to compete on the LAPT. Though Korsar's pal ended up having to skip the tournament (apparently Swedish ATM cards have a bit of trouble working here) the blonde 22-year old is currently near the top of the leaderboard and is seated at one of the room's toughest tables, which boasts a lineup including Greg Raymer and Veronica Dabul. As you may recall, back in 2007 Korsar made a splashy debut on the international tournament circuit, finishing fifth in the inaugural WSOP-Europe Main Event, taking home over $386,000.


Johannes Korsar

Korsar had already doubled his stack to just over 20,000 when he was dealt pocket nines and hit top set on a 9♥-5♠-4♥ flop after the pot had been raised and reraised pre-flop. Korsar made a crafty check, allowing his opponent to bet 5,500. Korsar moved all in for 13,500 and was quickly called. His opponent's J♥-J♦ went down in flames when the turn and river blanked out and Korsar doubled up to over 45,000.

"Gosh, there's NO action at this table!" quipped Greg Raymer with a laugh as Korsar stacked up his chips.