LAPT Punta del Este: Level 12 live updates

Updates from the LAPT event in Punta del Este Level 11 (1,000/2,000/300) will be posted here and come courtesy of live bloggers Brad Willis and Change100.

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Last update 1:22pm

1:22pm-- Alberto Font takes out Pablo Zarnicki

We caught up with this hand on the flop, the board reading J♠-7♣-2♠. Pablo Zarnicki put out a nearly pot-sized bet and Alberto Font made the call. Zarnicki couldn't move all in fast enough when the A♥ hit the turn and Font snap-called, revealing a set of deuces. Zarnicki, bluffing with K♠-Q♣, was drawing only to the four remaining tens in the deck and couldn't get there on the river, his lake of tumbled chip stacks pushed across the table to Font.

1:15pm--It was always a race...

When you have a pocket pair against overcards, it's easy to accept you're in a race pre-flop. However, once the cards come down and you see the flop and turn, it's a little harder to accept you're still racing. Poor Alexandre Reichardt De Souza started this day with just a little more than 20,000 chips and needed a good race to double up. He found it with pocket sevens versis Juan Jose Perez's K-Q. When the flop and turn brought 4♦-5♦-[10H]-5♥, the man with the sevens started to look pretty happy. If not for that pesky K♠ on the river, everything would've been fine. Instead, De Souza is gone.

1:11 pm-- Alberto Araujo doubles through Mario Salvagno

Mario Salvagno opened from UTG for 6,000, Alberto Araujo moved all in for 14,700 and Salvagno called the 8,700 balance. Araujo's A♣-K♣ dominated Salvagno's A♥-3♥ and with the board running out J♣-6♦-4♠-7♣-A♦, he doubled through our current chip leader. Salvagno, though still likely has that title-- his stack is still well over the 170,000 mark.

12:59 pm-- Alex Brenes eliminated

Over on the TV featured table, a short-stacked Alex Brenes moved all in for 22,600 from under-the-gun and Magno Aragao made the call from the button. It was a race situation with [10H]-[10S] for Brenes and the A♦-J♦ for Aragao. The flop was K♥-Q♠-7♦, Brenes still leading, but the [10D] on the turn made Aragao an ace-high straight. It also gave Brenes a set of tens and some hope if the board paired on the river, but it was the 2♥ and Brenes exited stage left.


Alex Brenes departs

57 players remain in the field.

12:56pm-- There's no Judice here

With the action folded to him on the button, Bjorn Ivan Johansen open-raised, Renato Judice moved all in from the big blind for just over 20,000 and Johansen made the call, turning up K♣-9♣ to Judice's J♦-[10H]. The flop came down K♠-7♥-2♠, pairing up Johansen. The turn gave Judice some hope when the Q♠ fell, giving him and open-ended straight draw, but the river blanked out withthe 4♦ and Judice hit the rail.

12:44pm-- Mario Salvagno= your new chip leader

On a flop of Q♥-[10H]-3♥, Sebastian Stratta got the rest of his chips in the middle and got a call from Mario Salvagno. Salvagno held A♥-[10S] for middle pair and an ace-high flush draw while Stratta revealed A♠-Q♠. The turn was the J♣, but the 6♥ made Salvagno's flush, eliminating Stratta and vaulting him into the chip lead.

12:40pm-- Rosamelia Ferreira, our last woman standing, is eliminated

Rosamelia Ferreira came into Day 2 with only 15,500 in chips and when Ernesto Panno moved in ahead of her, the K♣-J♠ looked like a decent enough hand to make her last stand with. Unfortunately, Panno turned up the worst hand possible for her-- K♦-K♥. The board ran out J♥-8♣-4♠-7♣-6♦ and Ferreira hit the rail after graciously shaking her executioner's hand.

12:35pm--Down to seven tables

With the loss of our 64th place finisher, Table 8 has broken and we're down to seven tables in play.

12:29pm--Like Helvetica?

Alberto Font started the day second in chips. Yesterday, we described him as a hard-to-read Font. Today, Brazil's Tiago Boita seems to think he's got a read on his man. Boita came in for a raise to 3,600 from the cutoff. The button folded and Font re-raised to 15,000 from the small blind. Boita barely though before pushing in 40,000 more. Font raised an eyebrow,

"You're happy?" Font asked.

"I'm happy with this," Boita said, waving his hand over the chips already in the pot.

Font pondered his move for a minute or so before folding.

Boita flashed A♦-Q♥. Font shook his head. Though Font didn't say a word, his face was as clear as Helvetica. It said, "You're pushing on me with that?"

Boita shrugged and raked his chips.

12:23pm--Let's find us a final table

After a short delay for players to sign their TV release forms and such, TD Mike Ward just announced, "Shuffle up and deal."


12:00pm -- Play about to begin

The final 64 players are taking their seats and unbagging their chips. We expect play to begin shortly.