LAPT Punta del Este: Level 16 live updates

Updates from the LAPT event in Punta del Este Level 16 (3,000/6,000/500) will be posted here and come courtesy of live bloggers Brad Willis and Change100.

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Last update 6:20pm

6:20pm-- Gabriel Loyo eliminated in 24th place ($10,000)

Ron Wasiel opened the action with a raise to 15,000 and Gabriel Loyo popped it to 45,000, leaving himself only 31,000 behind. Wasiel set him all in and Loyo snap-called. Though Wasiel's A♥-Q♠ trailed Loyo's pocket kings, the house painter from Illinois hit a blessed flop, clapping his hands together as the first three came down A♦-Q♠-5♠. Loyo got a bit of a sweat when the [10D] hit the turn, giving him more outs with the four remaining jacks in the deck but the river came the 8♣ and Loyo exited with handshakes around the table, in 24th place.


Garbiel Loyo watches as Wasiel flops two pair

6:05pm--Local boy does good, Cesar Sanguinetti eliminated in 25th place ($10,000)

It was ugly. There is simply no other way to put it. Oliver Rowe raised to 16,000 and Uruguay's Cesar Sanguinetti moved all-in for 38,500 more. Rowe thought for just a moment before calling with his pocket sevens. Sanguinetti held pocket kings. The seven on the turn drew a wry smile from the Uruguayan. He didn't catch his two outs on the river and is out in 25th place for $10,000.

5:38pm-- Geoff Swan (28th), Helio Chreem (27th) and Alberto Font (26th) simultaneously eliminated

Just as we hit the first post-bubble money jump, three players on three different tables were all eliminated on what was essentially the same hand.

Oliver Rowe opened for 16,000 from UTG and with the action folded to Alberto Font in the cutoff, he moved all in for about 115,000. Rowe had about 165,000 behind and must have picked up on something from his opponent, as he made a massive call for the majority of his stack. Font sheepishly turned up 9♠-7♠, well behind Rowe's A♠-K♣. The board ran out A♥-J♥-6♣-7♥-[10C] and Rowe became our dominant chip leader, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 in chips.


Alberto Font

One table over, Tiago Boita moved all in from UTG and Geoff Swan called from the small blind. It was K♣-Q♣ for Boita, and A♥-J♣ for Swan, the flop coming down 7♣-7♦-6♣. Swan still held the lead and he made top two pair when the J♥ hit the turn, but the Q♥ spiked on the river, giving the hand to Boita and sending him to the rail.

If that wasn't enough action, on our third outer table, Helio Chreem moved all in from under-the-gun with A-5 only to get a quick call from the man on his immediate left, Ricardo Goncalves Neto. Neto showed pocket jacks and they held up.

The three men will split the difference in prize money three ways.

5:25pm--Ibuki Fukui and Mauricio Zeman bust in same hand ($7,220)

Ibuki Fukui moved all-in under the gun for around 35,000. Play folded around to Maurcio Zeman in the small blind. He called all-in for 10,000. Alberto Font was in the big blind and had both players covered. He thought for a couple of minutes before deciding, "There's too much money in the pot." He called the 35,000 and turned over pocket deuces. Fukui held A-Q. Zeman turned over A-9. The board ran out babies, including a deuce to lock up the pot for Font. Zeman finished in 30th position. Fukui placed 29th.


Zeman sees his end

Here's an interview with Fukui from a bit earlier in the day.

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5:11pm--Players returning from break

Players are on their way back from their break. Play will resume shortly.