LAPT Punta del Este: Level 20 live updates

Updates from the LAPT event in Punta del Este Level 20 (8,000/16,000/1,000) will be posted here and come courtesy of live bloggers Brad Willis and Change100.

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Last update 4:00pm


Play folded around the the blinds and Bolivar Palacios almost immediately announced, "All-in." The only thing faster was Waldemar Cogo's call,

Cogo: A♦-[10S]

Palacios: A♥-7♥

"Lucky siete!" Palacios' crowd yell from the rail. "Vamos siete! Siete! Siete! Siete!"

From this side of the room, but to the guys waving a Panamanian flag scarf, it seemed sure to come. The flop came K♥-2♦-3♦, but it didn't quiet down the Panamanian Rat Pack.

"SIETE!" they screamed.

And there it was: The 7♣.


Bolivar Palacios

Palacios jumped in the air and landed with both feet flat on the ground, mouth agape, and his arms flexed (think King Kong if Fay Wray had just offered him special favors).

Palacios got a key double up and Cogo is now on the short stack.

We're on a 15 minute break.

3:33 pm-- Hevroy hits the turn

On a flop of K♥-7♦-4♥, Waldemar Cogo checked over to Karl Hevroy, who bet 52,000. Cago came along with a call and both players checked the 8♣ on the turn. The river fell the A♦ and was met with checks again. Cogo had middle pair on the flop with 9♥-7♥, but Hevroy caught up on the turn with [10S]-8♦. Hevroy dragged the pot, adding to his already-formidable chip lead.


Cogo (left) and Hevroy

3:27pm-- Bolivar Palacios not letting up on the gas

Thus far, Bolivar Palacios has been playing quite aggressively despite his short stack, opening more than his fair share of pots. After open-shoving from early position, and Alejandro De Arruabarrena pondered a call, Palacios taunted, "This game is made for men... I'm not afraid of you!" De Arruabarrena must have believed him, as he gave up his hand and ceded another pot to the Panamanian.

3:09pm-- Andre Ventura eliminated in 9th place ($21,000)

Andre Ventura opened for 41,000, Oliver Rowe reraised to 101,000, Ventura moved all in for 153,000 total and Rowe quickly called. It was a bit of a cooler-- Ventura's J♥-J♦ against Rowe's Q♠-Q♦. Ventura's chorus of railbirds started chanting "Jota! Jota! Jota!" imploring for a jack on the flop for their man.

The flop, though, came down 9♥-5♥-2♠. The "jota" chorus turned into the "corazon" choir when the K♥ appeared on the turn, Ventura picking up a flush draw, but he couldn't get there, the 3♦ landing on the river to eliminate him in 9th place.


Andre Ventura, 9th place

3:00pm--Blinds up!

After finishing off the last half of Level 19, we're now in for one hour of 8,000/16,000/1,000 blinds.