LAPT Punta del Este: Level 21 live updates

Updates from the LAPT event in Punta del Este Level 21 (10,000/20,000/2,000) will be posted here and come courtesy of live bloggers Brad Willis and Change100.

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Last update 5:11pm

5:20pm--Half-million pot in battle of the blinds

After play folded around to the blind, Karl Hevroy raised to 60,000 out of the small blinid and Angel Guillén called in the big. The flop showed Q♦-2♦-6♥. Hevroy bet out 80,000 and Guillén called. The turn brought the 3♣. Hevroy didn't slow down and put out a bet of 150,000. Guillén, again, called. The river was the 9♦. Hevroy finally backed off and checked. Guillén checked, too.

Wanna guess their hands?

Hevroy had 8-5 to Guillén's 8-6 and Guillén raked a pot worth more than half a million chips.


5:11pm-- Magno Aragao eliminated in 8th place ($26,640)

Under-the-gun and with only 30,000 remaining, Magno Aragao dribbled his remaining chips into the middle and got two callers in Oliver Rowe and big blind Karl Hevroy.

The flop came down [10S]-7♣-5♣. Hevroy checked, Rowe bet 40,000 and Hevroy folded. With no more action to be had, the cards were turned up.

Aragao: Q♦-Q♣
Rowe: J♣-[10D]

The room buzzed as Aragao's pocket queens were revealed. Were we going to witness yet another amazing comeback?

The turn was the 8♥. Now Aragao was really sweating, as Rowe could win with a ten, a jack or a nine. And the river... was the 9♥, making him a jack-high straight.

The always-affectionate Aragao hugged (hugged!) his opponent before heading out to collect his $26,640 in winnings.

Magno Aragao.jpg

5:07pm--Waldemar Cogo stays alive again

With only enough chips to pay his big blind, Cogo had no choice in the matter. When play folded to Oliver Rowe on the button, he pushed all-in to drive small blind Bolivia Palacios out of the pot. After Palacios folded, Cogo realized he was ahead.

Oliver Rowe: Q♠-6♣

Waldemar Cogo: A♦-3♣

The board ran out K♠-5♠-5♣-9♣-K♥ and Cogo lived to see another hand.

5:02pm-- Now that's a pot

After a thus-far subdued level of play, Angel Guillen and Oliver Rowe finally obliged us with a bit of action. Guillen opened for 42,000 and Rowe made the call. Guillen led out for 51,000 on the [10S]-8♠-5♦ flop and was met with a raise from Rowe to 151,000. Not content to give it up, Guillen three bet to 451,000. Apparently it was enough for Rowe, who mucked his hand.

4:43pm-- Another double for Wasiel

Ron Wasiel just earned another double-up courtesy of Magno Aragao. The action played out almost exactly the same as last time, Wasiel moving in for 104,000 from early position and Aragao making the call from the big blind. This time, though, Aragao had the best hand with 5♣-5♦, racing with Wasiel's A♦-Q♣. The board ran out A♠-7♦-2♠- Q♠-2♦, Wasiel making aces up to double his stack and then some to 246,000. Aragao was left crippled with less than a big blind.


4:31pm-- Guillen playing back at Palacios

Bolivar Palacios opened for 60,000 and Angel Guillen made the call. The flop came down 8♠-5♠-4♥. Palacios led at it for 80,000 only to have Guillen almost immediately move in. Looking a bit frustrated and taking off his sunglasses, Palacios reluctantly folded and gave up the pot to Guillen, who currently sits in second place in the chip count.

4:20pm-- Ron Wasiel doubles through Magno Aragao

Extremely short-stacked, Ron Wasiel moved in for his remaining 62,000 and with the action folded around to Magno Aragao in the big blind, he made the call. Wasiel showed the A♦-7♦ while Aragao turned up the 3♣-5♣. The Q♠-9♦-4♠ flop was safe for Wasiel, but the 6♥ on the turn gave him pause, Aragao making an open-ended straight draw. A deuce, three, five, or seven could do it for Aragao, but the river fell the A♠ and Wasiel earned a reprieve with a double-up to just over 150,000.

4:16pm-- Updated chip counts

Here's how our remaining eight players stack up as of the first break:

Seat 2: Oliver Rowe 539,000
Seat 3: Bolivar Palacios 313,000
Seat 4: Waldemar Cogo 78,000
Seat 5: Karl Hevroy 1,237,000
Seat 6: Magno Aragao 174,000
Seat 7: Angel Guillen 542,000
Seat 8: Alejandro De Arruabarrena 333,000
Seat 9: Ron Wasiel 64,000

4:12pm--New level

After the break we'll be at 10,000/20,000/2,000 blinds.